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Hi guys! Happy Thursday! Only two more weeks until Thanksgiving in the United States. Crazy! I’m super excited :). Jimmy and I will be having some family members over, and we’re going to be pet sitting. I love when our house is full of dogs and people, haha.

Speaking of family and dogs, here’s a cute picture of Hannah with Moses, Brandy, and Reggie…

2014-10-25 12.51.20

Alright, I’ll get into today’s post now.

Here are some interesting links I’ve found around the internet recently!

In the news

Conflict Kitchen Reopens Following Death Threat – There’s this neat take-out restaurant in Pittsburgh called Conflict Kitchen. It serves the cuisine of countries at odds with U.S. policy (like Iran, Cuba, and Palestine). There was recently a death threat issued against Conflict Kitchen, buuut now they’re back open. Woo hoo!

Landing on a Comet, 317 Million Miles From Home – “The Rosetta spacecraft’s Philae lander has touched down on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.” Some amazing pictures and info from the NY Times!


How to get a dog to trust you – Have you ever felt nervous around a dog, and then felt like the dog sensed that and didn’t trust you? Cesar Milan gives five tips on how to earn that trust and establish a solid relationship with a dog.

Reading Your Pet’s Emotions – I’m constantly trying to figure out if Lola’s giving me a dirty look or if I’m just imagining it. This helped ;).

Military Dogs Often Left Behind – An article and video on one dog that spent time in war zones, and is now on U.S. soil while trying to adjust a “civilian” life. More information on this topic can be found here!


10 Most Underrated American Cities – Love this! #4 and #6 are my favorites and I would love to visit #3 and #8. Is your city underrated?!

10 Ways to Get More Done (and Stress Less) – A fun article from the Etsy blog. I think we could all use a little less stress!

10 Reasons To Give Scrapbooking A Chance – It’s no secret that I love scrapbooking. In high school, I used to spend an endless amount of time cutting and pasting and exhausting myself with minute details until I gave it up for a few years. Now I’m back at it, and using a different method that suits me much better. Scrapbooking can fit your lifestyle and preferences, and it’s just awesome to finish a book and be able to look back on all of your memories.


Being a Christian Doesn’t Always Look Like You Think It Should – Very thought-provoking. If you read this, comment with your opinion!

18 Questions to Ask When God Feels Far Away – Some questions to ask yourself if you feel alone and far away from God.

10 Reasons Why it is More Blessed to Give than to Receive – “The most unbelieved beatitude in the Bible is: “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts 20:35). The giver happier than the getter? Surely some mistake? That goes against all our intuitions and instincts.”

That’s all the links I have to share today!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week and weekend! I think it’s supposed to snow a little bit in Pittsburgh today, and I’m going to the Pittsburgh Pet Expo this weekend to report for a school assignment. I’m so excited because pets are allowed to go to the expo! I can’t decide if I want to take Lola or not. I don’t want to get too distracted and I also don’t want her to pick up any germs (I’m such an overprotective fur mom..). Would you take your pet?!

Feel free to share what you’ve been reading around the internet lately in the comments!


  1. I think the best line from the Relevant article is this:

    “God only knows the true believers from the false.”

    I believe that relationship > religion. In fact I always say it’s a relationship and NOT a religion .And guess what? Maybe God doesn’t put the same things in people’s hearts. Maybe one person feels conviction when they curse because of their relationship with God; and maybe their neighbor experiences God communicating with them using expletives! For some people God moves them to abstain from alcohol; and the next person God has nothing to say to them about alcohol but yet in their heart they know they need to abstain from …. idk… biting their fingernails because that is a distraction/stronghold for them.

    It’s individual. That’s what I think anyway.

    I am often shunned because of the things I believe and am adamant about by other Christians and it’s okay by me I guess. I wish it were different.

    1. I love that quote, too! I also agree that relationship > religion. All the way. The Bible makes that clear in the NT, too! I love the point you made about how maybe God doesn’t put the same things in people’s hearts. I agree. I see that in so many ways… like some people are advocates for different causes because God puts different things on our hearts for a reason! Amen. Amen. Amen!

  2. These articles are as always, wonderful! I bet you’ve already planned your Thanksgiving and are prepping for it haha. Good luck! I love that article on the “Right Christian”. I’m sending it to my parents!

    1. Thank you, Ellie!! I am actually NOT on the ball with Thanksgiving so far (EEK!!!), besides sending out invites in August, haha. I really do need to put together a menu…!! I hope your parents enjoy the article!

  3. Umm can I trade places with Hannah?! Love all those puppies! I always like your puppy links, but this week I especially loved the link to ‘Being a Christian doesn’t look like you think it should.’ I thought it was a really humbling article about grace and a reminder about how it may appear in our lives. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Hannah and the dogs look so content 🙂 !
    I’m surprised Oakland made the list of underrated cities! I guess it’s because SF usually takes away all the glory, haha.

  5. I LOVE PITTSBURGH! Definitely underrated. Baltimore is awesome too. AND DETROIT! In my top five of favorite US cities. I trust that article so much from the places I have been I’m going to have to visit more on that list haha

    1. YEAHHH Pittsburgh!! I was sooo bummed I couldn’t see you that time you were in town! Maybe some other time (maybe with Bryn…!!!!). That list totally made me want to travel to all of the underrated cities, too! They’re usually a lot more affordable… gotta love that as well 🙂

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