Pictures in the park

After mine and Jimmy’s wedding ceremony we took a few more pictures at our church and then headed to a local park with our bridal party and parents for more pictures!


One of our groomsmen, Brett, was standing with us outside the church with us after the ceremony. He was wearing some awesome sunglasses, and I don’t know what prompted me to ask him if I could wear them… but I did. Then the photographer snapped away. When we went to the park, she was like “Put on Brett’s sunglasses for this picture!!” about ten different times haha. When Jimmy and I got our wedding pictures, we were cracking up at all the random ones with me wearing Brett’s sunglasses. I feel so bad I stole his shades!

Anyways…. more pictures.


The picture above is one of my favorites! Cool fact: we took our prom pictures in 2010 at the same park. Who would have known we would be taking our wedding pictures there just a few years later :).


So, the picture below. It was one of the last ones we took at the park. The photographer asked if we had any other picture ideas and I thought about how I Jimmy and I sometimes take pictures with me giving him a piggyback ride. I mentioned that idea and heard a collective “NO!” from everyone standing nearby except the photographer. Even Jimmy was leery. Buuut I convinced him, and I think it’s a cute picture ;).


Just for fun, here’s a picture from when we went to prom together in 2010. Same place, same pose! The other couple in the picture is my brother and his then-girlfriend (now wife!), Racquel. My brother and I both met our spouses at our church. Maybe Hannah will too?! Haha πŸ˜‰

Prom 2010



    1. Flashbacks are the best! I love when people recreate childhood photos when they’re adults, haha. Those always have me cracking up!! And yay for piggy backs and shades!

  1. I love your pictures and I think it’s so neat you also took prom pictures there :). Clay and I got married at our college and that was fun because that’s where we met. Also I like that you took the funny pictures with the glasses and the piggyback ride- some wedding pictures are just way too stuffy and I like how yours reflects you and Jimmy’s personalities.

    1. How awesome that you and Clay got married at your college! That must be cool to tell people.. it’s like your relationship came full circle!

      As for the pictures, thank you! We definitely didn’t want everything to be so… boring, you know? We’re so young, and so was our bridal party, so we had fun with everything. Why not, you know?! I’m sure our kids will laugh at the pictures one day πŸ˜‰

  2. How funny would it have been if Jimmy split his pants while on your back? My favorite is the one with your moms. Such a beautiful idea!

    1. That would have been pretty funny… I’m surprised it didn’t happen, haha. Stuff like that always happens to us (well, me, really lol). I love the mom picture, too! I totally got the idea for it on Pinterest or something!

  3. Oh Allie! These are so lovely!! I adore the shades! And the pics kissing your moms. And just all of them. Looks like it was a wonderful day πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Patty. Have I ever told you how much I love YOUR wedding pictures?! They’re va-va-voom! So luscious looking!

      Anyways, thank you! The mom-kissing picture is one of my favorites, too! I found that idea on Pinterest or one of those types of websites, haha. It was definitely the most wonderful day of my life!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can’t choose a favorite. Except maybe it’s the one with you giving Jimmy a piggy-back ride (adorable). OR likely – it’s the one where you are holding hands and kissing your mamas. That’s probably the fav if I HAD to choose just one.

    Also, I think I have the SAME dress that you wore for prom. It’s one of my faves from a trip to the Mayor’s Ball a few years ago.

    1. I still can’t choose any favorites! It’s so hard!! Did you choose a favorite out of your wedding pictures?! The kissing our mom’s one is one of the top ones for me, and I have a feeling we will cherish it forever!!

      I think I’ve seen that dress on your blog and thought the same thing!! Did you get it from Macy’s?!

      1. No, I couldn’t choose a favorite. Like a top 5 or 10 maybe….but one? No way. πŸ™‚ The mom one melts my heart – you guys will treasure it always.

        Yes!! Macy’s in spring of 2011 I think…..

  5. Ahh, I love this all! I love that you guys took pictures here together for Prom and that you are now taking them as a married couple! The sunglasses pics are cute! And I looove the one of you guys holding hands and kissing your moms! Cute!

    1. It was such a weird feeling to be going back there to take wedding pictures!! It was like our relationship came full circle, haha. Now I have “The Circle of Life” stuck in my head. Ugh.

      Thank for for the compliment on my dress!

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