Five random things I want to say

Hey there! As the title of this post states, I’m going to be talking about completely random things today. What’s new, right?!

1. I watched really good documentary for my Deaf Culture class. Sound and Fury is about two families with young deaf children and their decision of whether or not to give them cochlear implants. Before taking the Deaf Culture class, I thought cochlear implants were always the best option, but this film actually raises a lot of issues with cochlear implants for some families with deaf children.

I enjoyed the documentary so much that I had Jimmy watch it, too. He told me that he didn’t think he’d be interested in it, but he said he enjoyed it and that it kept his attention the whole time. It’s on YouTube, and there’s also a followup documentary that was filmed six years later. Epic!

2. Brandy pooped on my bed. True story. She somehow got locked in my room before my family went to church, and she must have freaked out and had to go to the bathroom, so she went on my bed, haha.


She’s still cute. Even when she stands on the dishwasher while I try to load it!

3. The Farmer’s Almanac is usually correct. In a 2011 post I described my love for the Farmer’s Almanac and its accuracy at the ripe age of 18 haha. Well, I opened the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the other day and found this article

Farmer's Almanac

The Almanac predicted Pittsburgh’s crazy winter! It’s also one of my favorite websites. Yeah, I’m probably a dork.

4. The house hunting and tummy trouble sagas are persisting. I’m hoping to do a little update on both, likely in my next post.

5. I baked dog treats instead of doing homework this morning. Probably not the best choice, but Lola and Brandy were happy! I’ve been in a baking mood lately. Just kidding. I’m always in the mood to bake! Seriously.

Dog Treats

Okay, that’s all I have to say. Now I am actually going to do that science homework!

Tell me something random!



  1. I applied to be an ambassador for a running sock company recently and got turned down, but they sent me 2 new pairs of socks. I was super excited because I could procrastinate laundry for one more day! So, that’s my randomness!

    I hope your tummy issues will go away soon :(. I hate to hear that they are coming back, that’s just not good with school and the wedding planning going on. I almost wonder if the stress contributed to it coming back, you know?

    That documentary looks really interesting. I watch the show Switched at Birth on ABC Family, I know it’s a fictional show so obviously very different than actual deaf culture, but it’s one of my favorite shows. It makes me really think about the kinds of issues that deaf people face.

    1. I like your randomness (besides the rejection part!). New socks are the best :).

      I hate the tummy issues, too! I think stress is definitely a big factor, too. I’m glad you think the documentary looks interesting! My professor actually recommended I watch Switched at Birth but I haven’t had a chance to yet!!

  2. O_O!! I can’t believe Brandy pooped on your bed! Yikes! You are a good doggie mommy to still make dog treats after that, haha!

  3. Awe that stinks about your dog but at least you were able to take care of it quickly. My cats have done similar things but nothing too serious and we were able to clean it up. That is awesome you baked some treats!

    Random interesting fun fact…I wish I had something exciting to report honestly LOL. I’ve just been trucking along.

  4. Ha, ha! Oh, Brandy! I guess your bed was the comfiest place to go… 😉 And she is absolutely adorable! That picture of her standing on the dishwasher pretty much made me laugh out loud. 🙂

    1. Seriously! My bed IS pretty comfy, haha! I thoght it was so cute that she was standing on the dishwasher, too! It reminded me of when Lola was a puppy. If she did that now, she’d totally break it, haha!

  5. Oh Brandy….Ha but we always forgive them cuz they are cute!!! I love that you make homemade dog treats! Sadie just gets bacon strips! Ha I need to try those 🙂

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