Another one off the list

The baking bucket list, that is. I decided to tackle a type of bread that I have always thought looked really cool, but was to afraid to try my hand at making. Challah!


Challah is a braided bread that is eaten by a lot of different cultures, but is likely most known to be eaten the Jewish culture to celebrate some religious holidays. It can be a three or six stranded braid, and can also be shaped into a ring. I went with the classic loaf, and made the braid six strands.

I was surprised at how basic the ingredients were for such a pretty bread: flour, eggs, oil, yeast, and sugar. Pretty simple!

Challah 2Challah 3Challah 4Challah 5

After braiding the dough, I had to let it rise again. I think waiting was the hardest part. I was so excited to see the finished product, haha. After it had risen, I brushed the loaf with egg wash and popped that bad boy right into the oven.

Challah 6Challah 7Challah 8

After about 15 minutes, my house bean to smell amazing, like a sweet yeast-ish scent. Yum.

Challah 9

Once the challah cooled, I was ready to slice it and make my own version of Panera Bread’s Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich!

Challah 10Challah 11Challah 12Challah 13

Have I ever mentioned that I love baking?!


  1. Challah has always looked intriguing to me! I’ve never had it but now I’m tempted to go find some. Perhaps if I have some time (and patience!) one of these days, I can get around to actually baking it myself πŸ˜‰

  2. I made challah bread ‘year’s ago when I was in highschool. Seeing your amazing bread makes me want to try my hand at it again! Although I highly doubt that my first attempt will look as yummy as yours! Ha, ha. Hmmmm, I could go for a slice of that right now!

  3. Challah! Holla!

    Looks so good! Next please put some PBJ on that. Oh, and then make some almond and cornflake crusted Challah french toast! Challah all the things!

  4. I love challah bread!! I bake it at least once a year! Usually for Rosh Hashanah. πŸ™‚ So delicious!

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