What I wrote in 1999

My great aunt just emailed me a PDF of a homework assignment I sent her when I was seven-years-old. I thought I would share a screen shot of it here on my blog. The best part is definitely the last sentence, haha!

homework 1999

I guess I always liked food and writing. And writing about food. And making sure my pets were alive.


On a random note, please tell me you’ve heard of stink bugs. It seems like they magically appear in Pittsburgh when the seasons change, or if we have a warm spell in colder months. I have been having such a struggle with these bugs! I have literally found dozens of them inside my truck the past few days.

The worst feeling is when I’m driving and I know a stink bug is flying around in my truck. I end up making faces like this.
stink bug face
Confused. Scared. Mad. All kinds of emotions going on.

Also, thanks to everyone who said they liked my fall-ish outfit in my last post! The jean jacket? I borrowed it from Hannah… without her knowing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you seen/heard of stink bugs?

(If I see one more I’m going to cry. Just kidding. But not really..)

Didย you have a favorite subject in elementary school?
(Mine were gym and English!)



  1. My favorite subjects as a kid were probably reading and spelling… and then of course in like 7th grade we stopped those subjects and it became “language and literature” and that wasn’t very fun :(. Oh well. Pretty cool that you were writing about your animals back then too!

  2. Haha! I love that last sentence, too!

    I was just talking to my mom the other day and she was complaining about the stinkbugs, too. Fortunately, it’s not a HUGE issue where they live, but they still get a handful that sneak into the house. Do you remember seeing news coverage of people who had to literally sweep piles of them off their porch? UGH!

  3. That is so nice Allie, what a fun blast from the past!
    I can’t say I’ve ever encountered stink bugs, but what probably flip a sh*t if one was in my car! i’m a big pansy when it comes to bugs, and ones flying on the inside of my car? NOT OKAY!

  4. You were a wonderful writer, even in 1999! All your talk of Thanksgiving dinner made me hungry.

    I don’t know if the stink bugs we have in my area are the same as the kind in your area…. I don’t think that ours can fly…. But maybe that’s their ploy and they’re trying to pass themselves off as undercover non-fliers and then terrify me by taking flight at a moment when I least expect it. Now I’m worried….

  5. You wrote that when you were SEVEN?! That’s amazing, girl! You definitely have always had a gift for writing! Also, I too am glad that you came home to all of your pets being alive and well. That certainly is good. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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