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What I wrote in 1999

My great aunt just emailed me a PDF of a homework assignment I sent her when I was seven-years-old. I thought I would share a screen shot of it here on my blog. The best part is definitely the last sentence, haha!

homework 1999

I guess I always liked food and writing. And writing about food. And making sure my pets were alive.


On a random note, please tell me you’ve heard of stink bugs. It seems like they magically appear in Pittsburgh when the seasons change, or if we have a warm spell in colder months. I have been having such a struggle with these bugs! I have literally found dozens of them inside my truck the past few days.

The worst feeling is when I’m driving and I know a stink bug is flying around in my truck. I end up making faces like this.
stink bug face
Confused. Scared. Mad. All kinds of emotions going on.

Also, thanks to everyone who said they liked my fall-ish outfit in my last post! The jean jacket? I borrowed it from Hannah… without her knowing 😉

Have you seen/heard of stink bugs?

(If I see one more I’m going to cry. Just kidding. But not really..)

Did you have a favorite subject in elementary school?
(Mine were gym and English!)