It’s been a long time

Heeey there! It’s been about two weeks since I last blogged… weird! It’s also been about two weeks since I deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. During my little hiatus I learned a lot about what’s important to me in life and how I feel about blogging and social media in general.


Why I took a break from blogging and social media:
-I wanted to strengthen my relationship with God.
-I wanted to truly focus more on important relationships in my life.
-I felt like my blog was becoming too “me” focused and selfish.


How I felt:
-At first I felt almost panicked, like I was missing everything going on in the world.
-After a few days, I felt very free because I wasn’t “available” 24/7.
-It was amazing to spend less time staring at my computer and phone.
-It was also great not to read blogs and compare myself to others (I know I have the choice not to compare myself to others, but I often feel like it happens almost automatically for me).
-I felt out of sorts at times because I was so disconnected from people that I regularly talk to via blogging and social media.


Other thoughts:
-Spending less time blogging and using social media helped me become a better listener and gave me more free time to do things for others.
-I’ve learned that social media/blogging can be great, but can also take my attention away from more important things in my life if I allow them to.
-I’m struggling with feeling like I must have a blog or Facebook account in order to connect with people and learn about what’s going on in my friend’s lives. Ugh.
-I’m likely going to be reading blogs and blogging a lot less. I want to blog on my own terms–for the enjoyment of it instead of feeling like I have to document every aspect of my life and keep up with every blog out there.

Whew, it felt good to get that off of my chest!

So, what have I been up to for the past two weeks?

Vacation Bible School at my church was great! I worked in the kitchen and Hannah and I were puppeteers.

I competed in a sprint triathlon and placed third in the 19-29 age group.

I harvested zucchini from my garden, Jimmy and I made chocolate chip and raisin zucchini bread, and I began working for my parent’s real estate brokerage (more on that in another post).

PicMonkey Collage
I bonded with Hannah and Felix and went swimming at a local lake.

And last but not least…

PicMonkey Collage2
I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning.

My dentist told me to have them removed a few years ago but I kept putting it off. They started hurting me earlier this week, so I went to the oral surgeon on Thursday and less than 24 hours later I was in surgery. The doctor said my something was wrong with my heart during the surgery, so I have to see my regular physician on Tuesday to figure out what’s up with my ticker.

I’ve been laying around on the couch eating soup and jello and popping lots of Advil. It’s nice being babied by Jimmy, too. We rented Despicable Me last night and it was such a cute movie! Here’s to hoping I can heal up quickly with no dry sockets!

What’s going on in your life?!



  1. I’m glad you’re back online because I really missed you when you were gone. I do agree a hiatus isn’t a bad idea though and 100% understand why you did it and support you… but your blog is one of my favorites because it’s more genuine/down to earth than so many of the others and you’re not trying to be something you aren’t :).

    It looks like you had a fun past few weeks minus the wisdom teeth coming out! Wishing you a speedy recovery on that. Congrats on the triathelon, helping with VBS, and now working with your parents. I can’t wait to read more about them too!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment!! I am blushing! I really do try to be my genuine self on my blog.

      Yes, the past two weeks have been amazing…minus the teeth, ugh haha.

  2. I’m very much glad to see you have truly found what is making you happy. I’ve been spending far less time on blogs myself and honestly feel great about it. I saw Tim for a couple of days but other then that have just been working!

  3. I stopped blogging for a while for similar reasons. I eventually found that I like blogging as a way of writing down the things in my head, and it helps keep me focused on my goals. I have no interest in competing or comparing myself to others, but I do like being motivated by others.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Things can really get to me… If I let them. Blogging can be such a positive experience, but also negative at times haha.

  4. I agree with so many of this. I really really do. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that sometimes blogs take my focus away from what they should be focused on and more towards things I probably shouldn’t be spending time with.. if that makes sense.

  5. I LOVE the sweatshirt pic! Eat lots of creamy pb to feel better ๐Ÿ™‚ Getting off fb for four months was really liberating! I put off getting back on for so long because it felt great “not to know” everything. I commend you Allie!

  6. That picture of you with your head wrapped after your surgery has me DYING HAHAHAH!! I feel like I can laugh, only because I have been there too!! Glad things went well and the teeth are gone!! I love all these revelations you had about stepping away from social media!! It’s amazing how wrapped up we can get in silly things like social media!! I love blogging on my own terms, and have no problem going a week without blogging, as I have done in the last few months!! Keep doing what works best for you, and whatever brings you closer to God and your family!! Love it!

    1. I sent that hoodie picture to my boyfriend and I was like “I’m so sexy!” And I didn’t even remember it like a day later haha!

      I love that you blog on your own terms! I really want to be more like that and not feel any guilt for it!

  7. Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! I hate wisdom teeth. Congrats on the tri!!!!!!! Those are some good thoughts after being away. I definitely will be spending less time on blogs when I go back to teaching in the fall, but it’s something I enjoy right now while I have more free time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I think it’s really important to keep social media and REAL life balanced. Taking a break from it all and getting unplugged is important too, I believe. I take regular blogging breaks… and for the next two weekends, Nate and I are going camping so that we will be forced to give up the TV and the computer. Sometimes, you have to just live it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m glad you learned so much during your blogging hiatus, but I must admit I really missed you! Glad you’re back ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth…ouch! I had mine out the summer I turned 16, and it wasn’t too much fun. Although being waited on and having permission to eat ice cream for dinner was pretty nice. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  10. Eek! I hope the appointment with your doctor goes okay and there’s nothing wrong with your heart! I know I always worry about things if they are irregular, so hopefully it’s just a tiny mishap for you! I’m glad you decided to take some time for yourself and find things you truly enjoy. I know I deactivated my Facebook a couple or times and loved every second of it. I find I compare myself to other subconsciously, too. Otherwise, I’ve just been hanging out with Elmo and trying to PT my way back to health!

  11. Glad to have you back!

    Working full time this past year changed my blogging and social media habits a lot. I didn’t have a lot of freedom to get plugged in during the work day, and I really had to prioritize my time when I wasn’t working. I found that blogging less worked for me and I no longer feel guilty or weird about it! In fact, most days I miss it…funny how that happens! Anyways, I think this break was a great idea because it sounds you now have a better idea of what would create the most balance in your life. I don’t think many people are brave enough to do this, so congrats! You are very mature.

    Here’s hoping for fast healing from your surgery, and I’m sending good thoughts for your upcoming doc appointment this week!

  12. Ahh, at least those teeth are finally out! I remember getting mine removed in high school during spring break…not fun, but glad it’s over and done with!

  13. Ahhh, what a refreshing break those two weeks probably were. Social media has a lot of good characteristics, but also contributes to a lot of negative feelings. I have mixed emotions about how involved to be in it too!

    Here’s to no dry sockets and a quick recovery! Ouch, ouch, ouch. And I’m praying for answers and good news on your upcoming visit to the regular doctor to check on your heart.

  14. Feel better! I LOVER social media breaks. I find that when you do them regularly… like getting back “on” can be sort of a drag. Like… “ugh… notifications” so it really balances me out in the long run.

  15. Oh girl, I hope you don’t get dry socket! I had that and it was awful. If you DO get it, let your surgeon know ASAP because they can put these little miracle strips in the sockets which make it SO much better. But hopefully you don’t have to deal with that at all!! And I hope everything is okay with your heart. Hopefully it’s not too serious!

  16. Glad to see you back! I missed your updates, but it definitely seems like you had a great break…minus the teeth! Hope that it heals well and that the doctor finds nothing wrong! Love that hoodie shot ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I found your blog through Forgotten Beast’s blog, and this post about giving up social media struck a chord. First and more importantly, I hope you are feeling better after your wisdom teeth removal surgery. I’ve never had mine removed, but I hear it’s incredible painful. I happen to think any discomfort in the mouth is a rough time so I’m rooting for you, and I hope all goes well with the ticker stuff.
    Onto the less important stuff. I think walking away from social media from time to time is a great idea. You need to focus on the people you are with sometimes versus the ones on your computer, phone, etc. It’s hard to truly be present if you are always checking your phone. I usually out mine away when I’m out with friends or my Hubby. I also try to put it away at work because I find it serves as a distraction which ultimately makes ma anxious about whatever I’m focusing on. Kudos to you for taking time away from it for a bit and seeing how positive it can be.
    Have a nice day.

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