Hey hey. Happy April!

I love this month for a few reasons. School is almost over for Penn State, the temperature is beginning to warm up (ha..), the birds are chirping, and this April Jimmy and I celebrate 4.5 years of dating.



I want to share two recipes today.

First up, Southwestern Slow Cooker Chicken. This recipe is so simple and flavorful.


If you have a slow cooker, I recommend giving it a try. You won’t be disappointed! This recipe can also be doubled to feed large crowds. I can vouch for this because my mom and I made a double batch this weekend to feed my whole  family, Jimmy, and my brother’s fiance.


The above picture should give a clue as to how simple the recipe is!

The second recipe I want to share is Triple Chocolate Nutella Cookies.


I made a batch of these on Friday and packaged some up to give to Jimmy as an Easter gift. The rest stayed at my house and are almost gone 😉


 I bake with love ❤


That’s pretty much all I have to say today. I’ve just been working on homework and hanging out with my little sister because she has this whole week off of school for spring break.

I’ve also been playing with Felix! He’s fitting in with our family very nicely and we all love his outgoing personality.

 felixDo you love the month of April?



  1. Congratulations on being with Jimmy that long! Praise God you found a great guy! I love April because it starts getting warmer and things look fresh and new 🙂 New friends, new opportunities, new ways to grow

  2. Wow, congrats on 4.5 years with Jimmy! That is so wonderful for both of you!

    I love April as well because it is the beginning of spring, which is my favorite season, by far. I love how everything starts to bloom and the weather finally starts to get warmer. Plus, there is the anticipation of summer!

  3. Felix is adorable!! And I am going to try that Southwestern slow cooker chicken STAT. Yum!! I can practically taste a nice big serving wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. Congrats on your April anniversary! 4.5 years! Awesome.

  4. April is one of my favorite months too, and pretty much for the exact same reasons! Congratulations on you and Jimmy, that is so very exciting! I feel like Nutella is taking over the world again, or at least the web-world. I keep seeing nutella cookie recipes every which way I turn my head. Awh Felix is absolutely precious, little guy! Have a great day, Allie!

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