Fire in paradise

Yesterday, around 10:30AM, Jimmy and I started walking from our beach house to the beach. As soon as we walked outside we saw this…Woah.

We couldn’t firgure out where the smoke was coming from and we didn’t know what caused it. People we standing in the streets just looking at the smoke with their jaws hanging open.

Jimmy convinced me to keep walking to the beach but I was so afraid. So many things ran through my mind… Should we evacuate? Are we going to be able to breathe? What if our house catches on fire? Is anyone hurt?When we got on the beach, we could see a thick layer of smoke over the water and could taste fire in the air. Eventually, someone told us that a nearby marsh fire was causing all the smoke and that it was contained.

Once we got home, I checked out some online news websites to see what really happened. It was nice to finally find out what was going on and to know that we weren’t going to die in a massive fire! As the day went on, the smoke cleared up as all was well again. Phew. What a crazy situation! I’m so glad everyone was safe and no extensive damage was done. God is good 🙂


  1. Oh my gosh! I’m glad no one was injured. Fires make me so sad because of the devastation they can cause, but it sounds like not too much damage was done.

    OBX vacay – so Pittsburgh ; )

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