Rough trip home

Hello. I’m home from North Carolina! Jimmy and I left NC at 3:50AM on Saturday and made it home by noon.

My parents, sister, neighbor, grandparents, and uncle were not so lucky. They all left in our rented (from Enterprise) GMC Yukon at 10:00AM and made it to Maryland, with only a little bit of traffic and 3 hours left in the trip.

Then the trouble happened.

The transmission straight-up died in the Yukon and they were stuck on the side of the road in the 103* heat. My dad called Enterprise and they said a replacement vehicle would be sent out to them in 60-90 minutes.

No luck. The person bringing them the vehicle couldn’t find my family. It wasn’t until 6 hours later that they got a replacement and could finally drive home. No one had any food or water all that time. My grandparents had an especially tough time because they are in their 70’s and in poor health.

My family arrived home at 3:00AM and everyone had to sleepover. It was crazy trying to fit everyone in bedrooms, on couches, and on the floor.

I’m just so happy that no one was hurt or seriously harmed. We also got fully compensated for the rental — woo!!


A few more vacation pictures….

Mini golf and the beach!

Sand dunes and out to eat.

Cheerios, raw oysters, and salmon + shrimp salad

4th of July cookout with the fish we caught!

My gift to Lola… a new leash!


Have you ever had any crazy traveling troubles?


  1. Wow, I’m glad everyone’s home now! Waiting that long in the heat wouldn’t have been fun.
    I’ve just had a rather tense trip home on the tractor, hoping it wouldn’t run out of diesel. We made it, just!

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s awful! I am so sorry that you guys had to deal with that! Glad you are all okay, though!

  3. Ooh, stuck in 103 temps with no food or water = no fun at all. That sounds like an ordeal but I’m glad they finally made it home safely. And thank goodness for cell phones so they could let everyone know where they were! I honestly don’t know how people managed pre-cell phones.

    Apart from the vehicle trouble, your holiday sounds great. Glad you had fun. 🙂

  4. Holy cow you had an eventful trip!! But at least it looks relaxing and fun also… so maybe it’s a balanced wash? I’m glad you are all ok!

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