Spread evenly

Yesterday I was making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch and I got to thinking about life. You see, I like to spread the jelly and peanut butter evenly over the bread. I think it creates a perfect sandwich that is moist. If I only spread the peanut butter or jelly over certain parts of the bread, the sandwich would have an inconsistent taste and it would be dry in certain spots. No one likes a dry pb&j!

How in the world did I relate this to life?

Well, I was thinking that in life, if we spread ourselves unevenly between productive activities and personal time, our lives become inconsistent and dry. Also, if we spread too much onto our sandwich (life), it runs down our hands and chin. It can get messy.

I want my life to be like what I consider to be a good pb&j, spread evenly. 


    1. Thank you for the comment! I have been meaning to tell you, I have been trying and trying to comment on your posts and I don’t think my comments are going through. I’m not sure if it is a glitch with blogger or anything. Just thought I’d let you know! ❤

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