It broke + nose update

Weird title, huh? Thankfully “it broke” doesn’t refer to my nose! Last week I posted a recipe for homemade peanut butter because I had been playing with a $2.00 food processor and came up with a recipe I liked.

Well, the other day I was making another batch of peanut butter and the food processor broke. It died. At least I pretty much finished the batch! I’m happy I at least got like 5 uses out of the processor before it broke.


Nose update: I went to see my surgeon on Friday (the 13th!!!) and came home with good news. I sat waiting in his office and had fun looking at a chart of the nose. I also had fun looking at what I call “the table of doom”… after I had surgery in 2009, that table had all kinds of instruments of torture in it that the surgeon liked to put in my nose, etc. *shudders*

On Friday he only put one instrument of torture up my nose so it was all good. He said I have some spots inside my nose that are dry and patchy so he game me some medicines. The gel numbs my nose and the spray keeps it moist. Fun times! He said that if I keep having bleeding then I have to come back. For now, I am happy!

Have a great Sunday!!

Do you have off of work/school tomorrow? Are you doing anything fun?!


  1. Eek! It broke after only 5 uses? How sad. I am glad the “broke” doesn’t refer to your nose, because that was my first thought!

    By the way, thanks for your wonderful comment on my last post. It was what I needed to hear! 🙂

  2. Ugh I hear you on the nose woes. I still get shivers from the doctor’s. I’m glad your appointment went well and I hope the treatments he gave you help.

    I hope you are enjoying the long weekend – I know I am!

  3. That table just looks scary. I can imagine why you call it the table of doom, I hate having anything shoved up my nose even for a flu/strep test which I’ve had before, icky. I’m glad the it broke doesn’t refer to your nose either because at first that’s what I thought. Sorry it was the food processor, but considering it was a Black Friday walmart deal, you probably got your money’s worth out of it in 5 uses. LOL.

  4. phew! for a second i thought you broke your nose! eek! but glad it was just the kitchen appliances, hehe.
    My brother had the same nose issues, he had to get a ‘scraping? It helped though!

  5. Whoa, $2 is a steal! It’s a shame it broke but 5 uses is pretty sweet!

    I have work today which sucks. We actually don’t have a “work holiday” until May. MAY! 😦

  6. Happy to hear about your appointment went well, and I hope the meds work well and you continue to be all set 🙂 Boooo about the food processor!

  7. Hope everything is going well!! Let me know how the search for a new food processesor goes – I’m in the market too. Can’t wait to start making some homemade PB myself!

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