Awkward pets?

Happy Thursday! How is the weather by you? Yesterday it started out raining in the low 40’s in Pittsburgh and ended up in the low 30’s and snowing by 2:30–right when I got out of my last class. Brrr. I usually walk Lola after classes and yesterday was no different..except it was cold, so I bundled up. 
I also attempted to take pictures of Lola with little success. 

Other picture fails:

Face time with Jimmy. Cause I hardly see him. Sad.


Does anyone have a cat who likes to sit like this?

Lily (Hannah’s kitten) often sits like the above picture^

So when I see her sitting like that I like to grab her paws and look into her eyes. It is really awkward for the both of us.

Okay, enough.


This post has been really random! Other random tidbits:

-Yesterday my mom went to spinning for the first time with me. She liked it & now Hannah wants to go. Rock on.

-I had my last microbiology class yesterday and I’m kind of sad because I liked it so much.

-I can’t wait to have time to bake and read more over the holiday break! 

-I can’t decide if I want to do a marathon in March or an ultra in April. I hate running in cold weather. I don’t know what to do! 


Do you have any weird things that you do with your pets?!

[Besides holding Lily’s paws when she sits upright, I try to get Lola to come into the bathroom while I shower to keep me company but she is scared..lolzzzz]


  1. My cats sit like that all the time, they love it. They also love eating from a dinner plate on the table and eating yogurt from the spoon. They are extra spoiled 🙂

  2. One of our coaches does ultras. I think it’s kinda out there but I gotta say I really admire him for doing it. He works full time and they have a kid. But because it’s ultras he only does like maybe 2 races a year. I just like doing the shorter races personally but I think you’d be cool doing a half or full. It just seems like those would have a better atmosphere than ultras, at least from what he tells me about ultras. I think it’s more intense and there aren’t bands on the course or as much fun stuff to look at and keep you entertained, the ultras are more of a mind over body thing seems like…

    I did spinning on Sunday and really liked it! I think I’m gonna go back every Sunday now :). Glad your mom liked it too! Have fun with the snow, it’s not supposed to get out of the 50s here today.

  3. Geno and I have daily conversations. I hold him like a baby and we talk. And give kisses. He is my little baby love. Animals make the world so much better!

  4. A cold front blew in…so I’m a bit chilly today. 69 degrees!
    Watch out.
    Don’t worry about me, though. The high for tomorrow is 79.

    Speaking of warm weather? I vote for April. But…but an ultra? HARD CORE.

    PS- I stare into cat’s eyes too and …..well, you know what I mean. It’s intense!

  5. Aw I love the picture of you and the kitty! Marathon or an ultra? That’s awesome! I don’t know which one I’d choose!

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