Eats and jams

Hey there. Friday = last day of regular classes for the fall semester of my sophomore year of college. Cool beans!


Time to share some food I have been loving lately:Salmon + mayo. Yes, that probably sounds gross to everyone but Sable, but I really like it! I had this again the other day and added lemon juice and dill to the mayo. It was pretty good!

Well this oatmeal looks pretty boring. It tasted good though.. it was brown sugar and maple flavored. Nom. I also enjoy Kashi oatmeal buuut I don’t usually buy it because #1: it is expensive and #2: my local grocery store doesn’t sell it.

Good old banana bread! I use the Betty Crocker recipe that calls for lots of sugar and butter. Good times ;). Banana bread is good topped with butter or peanut butter. But i’m biased because I think anything is good topped with peanut butter. Seriously.

Split pea soup with ham. Perfect for the cool weather Pittsburgh has been experiencing lately. I think it is pretty cool that Hannah (little sister) likes split pea soup. When I was her age (in 8th grade) I didn’t want to eat anything but Poptarts and Gatorade!

I guess this isn’t really food but I finally whipped out the Christmas mugs! Woo 🙂

Cranberry-orange muffin dough. It was SOUR. Yes I eat raw dough… I haven’t got sick yet.

Cranberry-orange muffins! Huzzah! Fresh out the ovennnnn.

15 bean soup about to boil. Again, perfect for the chilly freezing weather.


Now onto some music I have been into lately! I wish I was one of those people that could study and listen to music at the same time… but I can’t. I get distracted so easily.

Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce

Well well. That is all I have for today. This weekend will be spent studying and celebrating the holiday season with loved ones. Rock on :D.


Favorite songs/artists lately? [I’m liking the Madagascar soundtrack.. it pumps me up when I run… aka i’m a dork!]

Favorite muffin flavor? [This is so tough… probably pumpkin or lemon poppy seed!]

Do you eat raw dough?! [I have my whole life & I’ve never gotten sick so I continue to eat raw dough.]



  1. Your muffins look great, and so does your soup.

    I also eat raw dough. I’m much older than you are and I’ve never got sick either!

  2. That banana bread recipe by betty crocker is hands down the most delicious! 🙂 Best of luck studying this weekend, feel free to take a few dance party breaks haha

  3. Mmm, banana bread!

    I love your Christmas mugs–so cute!

    Hahaha, I have the move it move it song from madagascar on my ipod! Lately I’ve been loving Christmas music!

    I love lemon poppyseed muffins! Or blueberry!

    I’d not a dough fan!

  4. I have not eaten a lot of muffins in my time, but I do love chocolate ones. But who wouldn’t? lol. I love your mug, it reminds me of the one I bought for Tar-jay!

    I make cookie dough just to roll it and freeze it so I can cut off slices at a time. I haven’t gotten sick (Okay, that’s a lie but it doesn’t stop me!!!) lol

  5. Trader Joe’s makes a wasabi mayo that was just MADE to be eaten with fish. So amazing. I also dip fries in mayo, so I am somewhat biased.

    I love Christmas mugs, I need to get more of them!

  6. I love the madagascar soundtrack! My mom, sister and I just watched Escape 2 Africa on Thanksgiving! The song “I like to MOVE IT!” gives me an adrenaline rush!

    Fave muffin: Pumpkin or Butter Rum 🙂

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