Last week my mom and I headed to a local mall and ended up in a tea shop (Teavana) that had opened up recently. Lately, my mom has been into tea, probably because it is getting chilly outside. We decided to check out the store.

Immediately a salesperson walked up to us and had us taste many samples-which were delicious. She was so pushy though. I don’t know how to explain it! My mom stated that she wanted to buy some tea and of course the woman told my mom she should buy the $80.00 sample pack. My mom graciously said no thanks and that she just wanted to buy a little bit of tea.

After my mom and I picked out a tea we liked, the saleswoman brought us up to the register and started packing a bunch of tea into tin cans. She said we had to have two tin cans so we could mix the tea. She then weighed the first can and it was $40.00 for a pound of tea. I don’t really buy tea, but my mom thought that was kind of expensive. The thing that bothered me was that the sales lady kept pushing. 

My mom decided to buy much less tea and we left feeling .. disgruntled. It was just a strange experience. The tea was delicious though.

So overall, I enjoyed the tea, but not the experience of simply trying to purchase it. I’m not sure if I will go back to Teavana again- maybe I will just order online 😉


Have you ever had a weird/bad experience whilst shopping?!

Is $40.00 too much for a pound of tea? (I’m used to paying like $6.99 for a pound of coffee!)



  1. I love Teavana. I started going there in college when one opened up near my university and ALL the sales people are really pushy. I hear it’s collision based and a really an awful place to work. I do still order online because my favorite flavor: fruita bombs (a green tea blend) isn’t found anywhere else. If you like loose leaf tea, petrogeorge in the strip has an awesomely huge collection of loose leaf tea or a lot cheaper than Teavana.plus the sales people will let you smell every one of their 800 containers and stand there for an hour to decide. Lol

  2. There’s a teavana in a nearby super-ritzy mall, but I’ve never been in it despite my love of tea. Maybe I just subconsciously knew! Pushy salespeople just turn me off from wanting to buy anything…

  3. Haha my mom and I were at the mall last year and got sucked into Teavana by the salesperson as well. I guess the samples were worth it though! Maybe the trick is to go when they are busy so you can pawn off other unsuspecting people on those pushy tea vendors.

    I’ll be honest – I don’t pay much for tea. Celestial Seasonings and Lipton are my go-to’s, but I will occasionally splurge on Yogi tea!

  4. Wow that’s weird – the people at our teavana are not like that at all! They have awesome tea. I walk by several times when we’re at the mall just so I can keep geting samples!

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