Pumpkin pie fail?

Well.. I think I failed at trying a new pumpkin pie recipe.

You see, I wanted to try a pumpkin pie recipe before Thanksgiving and this guy from my church gave me a bunch of cooking pumpkins-woo! The problem is that the recipe I tried called for canned pumpkin and homemade evaporated milk. I used “real” pumpkin and attempted to make homemade evaporated milk but kind of failed.

So it all started off well.Cute little cooking pumpkin. Cut openSeeds scooped outReady to microwave for 20 minutes

 Pie crust made

Then the pumpkin came out of the microwave and was stringy.

Then homemade evaporated milk just wasn’t working.

Then I think the recipe called for too much cinnamon because everything seemed so brown after I added it.

I decided to just bake the pie anyways. It was just a test.

Ready for this silliness/fail?!

 Yeah. I don’t know! It actually tasted pretty good, but it looks so WEIRD!

So yeah, that was my pumpkin pie fail. I was kind of sad because when I made this I didn’t have too much school work to do that day so I was all excited to have time to bake for once. I guess my skills were a bit rusty and I feel like it was a waste of time but at least I know not to make that recipe for Thanksgiving!

Have you ever had a baking/cooking FAIL?!


  1. Even though it was a fail, I bet that pie tasted like heaven heehee That pumpkin was SO adorable too!
    I always have cooking fails when I microwave eggs…they somehow always manage to explode haha

  2. I had a cooking fail with some pumpkin bars I tried to make, they turned out mushy and liquidy… but my husband really loved them. They weren’t cute by any means but hey, if he’ll eat them and it tastes good, works for me. I have managed to burn a few things too lol.

  3. Did he give you more pumpkins? I would roast the pumpkin at 450 degrees for 20-30 minutes. Then put it in a ziploc bag to cool ( so that it steams in thebag and taking the skin off is super easy). Take the skin off, run the pumpkin through the food processor to make a pureé. Then I’d use canned evaporated milk & there are tons of recipes online to make your own pumpkin pie spice mix.

    1. Yikes! I got some sugar pumpkins & I poked some holes in them & cooked them in the crockpot for 3 hours till tender. Cut them open scooped out the seeds to roast. Then pureed it skin & all (vitamix) to freeze in 2 cup portions. I thawed a bag & added 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 2 eggs & a healthy dash of pumpkin pie spice and baked in my pie shell. *my only “fail” was I did not prebake my shell. So the edges got a bit overdone.. *That’s how you can tell it’s homemade. However, it came out perfect! Maybe give it a try.

  4. Pretty much everything I cook is a massive fail. Except for when I boil pasta and open a jar of sauce!

    The pie looks better than anything I could make Allie!

  5. I definitely have baking fails. I bake a lot, but once in a while I’ll try a new recipe that just doesn’t work out! Great try at the pie though; I’m still intimidated by pie crusts!

  6. Gotta admit, that is a pretty ugly pie. But major points for ambition! And just about everything I bake is a fail (appearance-wise, it usually tastes good!), I’m definitely more of a cook.

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