Giving thanks for my body

Able bodied – adjective: Fit, strong, and healthy; not physically disabled.


Every single day I walk up stairs, get out of bed without pain, play with my dog, stand in the kitchen to cook meals with my family, and much more.

Most of the time I don’t think about what my life would be like if I couldn’t do all of these wonderful things. What if I was constantly in the hospital? What if I was paralyzed? What if… you get the point. 

Today I am giving thanks for my body. I love that my legs can walk me to my classes, my arms can lift a sheet of cookies from the oven, and my feet can splash in a pool. I am so blessed to be healthy and alive! 

I’m so happy I can play 🙂 [..and take dumb/scary pictures ;)]

I’m so grateful that I have arms to open up and bear hug my little sister.

I feel so blessed to be able to run.

By giving thanks for my able body, I am making sure to feed it right and exercise it. I refuse to do drugs or anything that harms the body God blessed me with. I think exercise can tie into stress relief and I am thankful that one of the hobbies that I enjoy (running) is something that I am able to physically do. It all connects and pretty much  shows how awesome God is. Just saying.




  1. I love the pics in this plus the whole idea :). So great to be thankful that we can work out, cook, bake, go to college, work, etc. Because those are opportunities that so many don’t have…

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