Giving thanks for food

I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; 
   I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High. Psalm 7:17


I love that Bible verse! Yesterday I was reading my church’s weekly newsletter and my preacher wrote about how we should give thanks every single day instead of just 1 day a year (Thanksgiving). As I was reading the newsletter, I was sitting in my cozy kitchen surrounded by my family, enjoying a warm bowl of soup. So, I decided to make this post a foodie post cause I’m pretty thankful for all the meals/food/drinks I get to enjoy on a daily basis! So … without further ado: Split pea soup in a duck bowl? Cool cool. My mama’s homemade meatballs!Luna bar while heading to classCinnamon apple muffin with a granola toppingLentil soupBurnt eggplant, spinach, and snap peasScrambled eggsSliced red pepperHot chocolateGingerbread spice tea (I have to add tons of sugar to this because the flavor is so strong! I really want to find the Sugar Cookie flavor & Candy Cane Lane but I can’t seem to find them in stores.)Chicken stir fry


I don’t often realize it, but food is a big part of each day because you need to eat at least 3 meals a day. I really take for granted the fact that I have access to fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, an oven, refrigerator, clean water, etc. I just wanted to post this to remind myself how blessed I really am. God is good 🙂

[I’m considering doing a little mini series of posts about things I am thankful for.. up next? Probably family!]


Do you ever take clean water/fresh food for granted? 

What do you think about a “thankful series” of posts? 


  1. Love the idea of a “thankful” series, there’s so much good about life, and it’s nice to be reminded of that. I’ve been looking for the sugar cookie CS tea, too–I hope this doesn’t mean they’ve stopped making it, it’s a seasonal favorite of mine!

  2. Honestly, this is one reason I get upset with myself for ED problems. There are SO many people in the world who cannot afford food, drinks, etc. Thankfully, my family is Italian and has the money to support the Italian customs of eating until you can’t breathe. Haha. But that’s why I get so upset because we have so much money… Yet, I don’t eat. I take it for granted. I should be loving each bite I take because somewhere… there’s someone who would KILL for what I’m eating…

    It makes me really upset sometimes.

    In other words, if you have Giants (or a branch of Giant) in P-burg you should look in those stores! I know mine has them on a special display, so you might want to look in hidden nooks and crannies or your grocery store!

  3. I love produce. LOVE it and one of the reasons is because when I eat food as GOD created it and intended it I am in such rapture and awe! The perfect nutrients in the perfect packaGE!

    I mean, you can’t get that God connection from a Pop Tart (Or…can you? LOL. You know what I mean.)

  4. I’m doing thankful posts too 🙂

    I like the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas, but I think the gingerbread and the sugar plum ones are gross! I found the other ones at Walmart this year! I usually never find them.

  5. I often take everything for granted until I read something like this that makes me remember how lucky I am!

    Have a lovely weekend Allie and thanks for the reminder.

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