Police and gloves

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart 
   be pleasing in your sight, 
   Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14


Do you ever get around certain people and suddenly become hyper and full of energy? That typically happens when my sister and Jimmy and I get around each other. Things get wild and I end up on the floor laughing. 

Good times. Anyways.

Friday night Jimmy locked his keys in his truck so we called the police. The neighbors were staring when the po-po were at my house! Thankfully all was resolved. Hannah and Jimmy went bowling with our church league and I was left to run errands and then cuddle with Lily.

Oh yeah, we made pizza for dinner. Gotta support fundraising..

Gum balls were consumed. Hot chocolate for the Keurig was bought and enjoyed.

Friday was fun and relaxing.


Saturday began bright and early. Well.. in the dark. I did a long run in preparation for a race next weekend.

9.6 miles in 1:27 minutes = 8:57 pace and a hungry Allie all day. 

Jim and I drove an hour away from Pittsburgh to Ligonier, PA. We attended a huge fall festival commemorating Fort Ligonier. Twas fun. I didn’t get many pictures for some reason?! We enjoyed chicken wraps for lunch 🙂 They were good but my wrap came with cheddar cheese and sour cream… and i’m lactose intolerant… and I didn’t take my prescription. Ow. Good food is worth it though, most of the time!

I got some new gloves to keep my hands warm. YAAAAAAY!

We headed to a corn maze with our church youth group later on. More pictures another day…! I’m going to do some homework and then head off to church. Not too sure what is in store for today 🙂


  1. Hahaha I love that pic of all three of you lookin skeeved out 🙂 And I may have to make a special trip up there just to steal those gloves, they’re freaking AMAZING!!!

  2. The sharks are way cool! I don’t know what skeeved means but you all look positively constipated. haha! I mean that in a loving way 🙂
    Good times for sure.
    Great run! Have fun with the church group!!

  3. you are seriously ADORABLE!!!! oh my gosh. and I re sent that email a while ago, did you ever get it? just wondering because you didnt say anything! But thats totally okay if you just didnt respond! Just want you to know I love you sista, and I hope you can forgive me for being dumb. I mess up like, every day! haha! I neeeeed grace and forgiveness on the reg. anyway, I hope you had a BLAST with your church group! so fun!!!!!

  4. Your gloves are pretty awesome, I really like them! And congrats on your long run, that is a great pace for a run that long too! And it stinks to have police around and people staring even if you need them there for a really good reason like locking keys in a car.

    Is that Keurig hot chocolate good? I’ve been thinking about trying it. I might go buy a variety pack of k-cups soon. I just got mine last week so I only have like, 6 cups (ones people gave me or that came with it hehe).

  5. Ok..clearly best gloves in the world. End of! Amazing running pace girl, that is soo good, no wonder you were starvin marvin! That is one of my fave EVER psalms 🙂 glad you’ve had fun!

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