Yoga and eats

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2


On Tuesday I sent a text to my best friend asking if she wanted to go to hot yoga with me but she was working… sad times. So I went all by myself- yay i’m a big kid!

It felt good to stretch everything out and relax for once in my life. I have a hard time doing/buying things for myself. I’m always thinking that I shouldn’t be spending my money and I should be doing other more productive things. Then I realize if i’m always saving money and always doing “more productive” things that I get stressed and run down-no good.

I don’t know about other areas in the U.S., but Pittsburgh is experiencing fall full on lately. I tried to take a picture of the foliage but my camera focused on the rain on my windshield.

Much better! That is the view on my way to campus in the morning. God is good.

What else is good?

Chicken pot pie with a biscuit crust!

Sweet potato fries

Chocolate dipped coconut Luna bar 😀


Campus is looking gorgeous.

Funny story.. i’m nerdy. When I take notes I love to have a pencil, a .5mm colored pen, a .7mm black pen, and various highlighters. Ummm… yeah. 😉


Today is Friday!! YES!

I have two classes today: IST (Computer programming) and Economics. Around 2PM i’m headed out and about with my sister and mom. Then i’m babysitting tonight. Saturday is going to be a fall festivity filled day.. more on that later! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂



    1. It is pretty different than anything I have ever done! I sweat non stop the whole time but I feels good after and it can e very relaxing 🙂 I would recommend trying it at least once!!

  1. I was the same way with notes! I used to have highlighters in like 8 different colors and loved to highlight in all of them! They say if you change up the colors between subjects, you learn more!

    I loooooove the weather right now in PIttsburgh! It would be a little better if it wasn’t raining all the time but such is life. Maybe I’ll see you at Fright Nights next weekend!!!???

  2. I love the raindrop photo, even if it wasn’t the intended focus 🙂 And I always do the same thing with money–feel like I can spend ANYthing and that I have to save it all–but part of it is doing fun/relaxing things with it!

  3. Great verse. I’m the exact same with spending money, I feel like I should save it all just incase but then I freak the freak out and am so stressed. Gotta just relax I guess 🙂 Sweet taters nomnom.

  4. Good for you for splurging on yourself a little Allie!! I think saving money is like dieting. If you restrict too much or all the time, you wind up “binging” and spending a whole ton of money — OR just running yourself down!

  5. I love foliage! I always take my camera out to take pics.
    Did you try the new Clif Bar that’s coconut?! It’s REALLY good, too!
    Funny Comment: I got upset when I came to college because my math classes move so fast I no longer had time to color code my notes haha!

  6. I tried yoga and didn’t like it because I’m really antsy. I don’t like being mindful and the teacher was kind of a pompus woman.
    Maybe I should try it hot! 🙂

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