Some anniversary eats

On Saturday Jimmy and I headed about an hour away to Somerset, PA. We visited Ohiopyle which is an area with waterfalls and natural water slides. It was so pretty and so chilly\rainy outside but we still had fun celebrating together 🙂

For lunch we headed into a little cafe called Dragonfly Cafe. Eats included Italian sausage, Thai chicken soup, and a roasted veggie and cheese wrap.




Funny story.. Before Jimmy and I left Ohiopyle around 3pm I asked to stop at a bathroom by some camp sites inthe area. Umm yeah the bathroom had blood ALL over the floor and pooled around the drain on the floor. Needless to say I was SCARED and ran out of there when I finished peeing! Crazy.

Oh yeah, and I am really spoiled. I received a Kuerig for our 3 year anniversary. Jimmy knows me so well 😉

I cannot wait to buy pumpkin spice k-cups!


Love him 🙂

My next post should be quite interesting.. I will be making a little announcement.

Have you ever been REALLY scared or seen massive amounts of blood?!



  1. Eww that bathroom sounds disturbing!! I would’ve been bookin it back to the car haha
    You guys are so adorable. And he got you a keurig?? Saweeeet 🙂 Looking forward to your announcement!

  2. I hate blood. If I’d seen that, I wouldn’t left and used the men’s room. Then again, I’ve used men’s rooms plenty of times when there’s a line in the ladies (I’m weird).

    Yay for your Keurig! Jimmy is definitely a keeper!

  3. EEk! How gross! I am happy that everything else was awesome and lovely enough to outweigh the nastiness.
    Honestly, sometimes I’d rather pee in the woods than have to go in some of the public bathrooms out there. There’s some scary stuff in the world.

  4. Ooh, creepy bathroom! The worst bathroom I’ve ever used was at a campsite. It didn’t flush properly – instead of the water flowing through a pipe when you pressed the lever, it simply gushed out the bottom of the cistern and all over the seat and floor and you had to jump out of the way. It was hilarious!

  5. The blood incident, totally sketchy! I also would have booked it right outta there!

    Aww Jimmy is so sweet 🙂 The Keurig, lucky girl you! Can’t wait for the next post!!!

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