Workout buddy + I was in the newspaper…

Did I tell you that I’ve been swimming/working out with a new buddy!? Way back in June when I swam my 1st open water race, I met the director who was totally cool. Oh yeah-and he was the 833rd person to swim the English Channel! Anyways… he is doing the “Ocean’s Seven” challenge (Google it!!!!) and we swim/lift together in the AM a few days a week. He is very inspirational, not to mention HARD WORKING. I love having a new bud to workout with and be motivated by.

A picture of us was in the newspaper a few days after the race.


I scribbled out our town names so no one will be a creeper.

I have also been personal training my sis. She totally loves it 😉

Do you like to workout with a friend or go solo?



  1. Your sister looks so happy :)) And woah – you are in the newspaper, girl you are famous! 🙂 I love working out with friends but they usually rather go to a party than to a swimming pool :/

  2. I think there are positives for both. Sometimes I need to be with just myself.. concentrate on what I am donig.. and just do my thing. Other times, it is really nice to have a buddy .. for company.. encouragement.. and motivation!

  3. I work out with Max but since I’m now powerlifting and he’s still bodybuilding mostly he just kind of spots me haha. I MAY have a new PLing workout buddy though, gotta call him back this AM!

  4. Yay for being in the paper! It’s really awesome, I wrote for a paper for awhile so my name was in it a bunch on bylines but I still get super excited if I’m ever in a paper, LOL.

    Have fun training your sis!

  5. Whoa that is awesome–you’re famous! Your curly hair is cute! Is your sister’s naturally straight or does she just straighten it each day?

    I prefer strength training alone–I feel like I can’t take as much time when I’m with someone. However, I like doing cardio with a friend–it makes the time go much faster!

  6. What an awesome story! Sooo cool that you were in the paper! I wish I would have known about that open water…I probably could have gone! I like working out alone unless it is swimming. I am really driven to push myself to my limits, but I have a hard time motivating myself and pushing myself in the water.

  7. Ohh, awesome that you have a mentor 😀 And can be one at the same time–great way to get in some family time. And I used to think I only liked working out alone, but now I go to the gym with my “bro” (a.k.a. roommate) most of the time, and it makes me work out much harder and stay longer, even if we are each doing our own thing while there. Plus I get to personal-train him in abs, and it’s fun to make other people suffer at the gym…I might be a little evil.

  8. how fun!!! i have been in the news a few times for skating, and it always feels really special! 😀

    you and your sis are too cute! im glad you guys have such a good relationship! cherish it and never stop working on it!

  9. I love working out with people! I really want to train my sister when I get older — she’s a bit too young now, but so so so athletic. She would LOVE my crazy workouts though!

  10. I like going to the gym with a friend (My roomie A and I do it to bond 😉
    But I sometimes like the solace of my runs. Listening to nature and beathing hard is amazing!

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