From worry to blessings

Today I want to share with you all about something that had been worrying me that God took care of-as usual! I’ve always had a job since I was 14 years old. (The only exception being the time I had nose surgery an wasn’t allowed to work for a month)

From age 14-17 I worked in a pizza shop

My pizza shop uniform lolz.

From 15-16 I taught swim lessons and was a life guard. (Yeah I had 2 jobs at once for a while-it was a busy time!)

I worked for a local YMCA but this picture was taken at home.

17-18 I did real estate work from home

18-19 (until yesterday….) I worked for Penn State at the fitness center

Yepp, that is me hiding behind the desk!


Yesterday was my last day working for Penn State.

I loved my job (and had the opportunity to become the manager) but I resigned because I wanted to enjoy my last few weeks of summer plus I have to move in early for the school I am transferring to. Here comes the worrying thoughts….

How am I going to make money? I am going to be SUCH a burden to my parents! I am so lazy, why would I quit my job so soon, I need this money for _______.”

Of course those thoughts are irrational as I am typing them out but they popped through my head before and after I decided to stop working. What do I do when I worry (or have any emotion in general!)? I pray out all of my honest thought/feelings. So I did.

God answered my prayers!

Literally the day after I was praying my Dad approached me and asked me to do some work for him. (Him and my mom own a business) I jumped at the offer and I have already done a few hours of work.

The next day a woman at my church approached me and asked me to take over her duty of cleaning the church while she is on vacation. I jumped at the offer!


Of course I save my money wisely, etc. but I have always had a huge worry that I am going to be a burden to my parents in the money area if I don’t work. I know they are always willing to help me out but to tell you the truth I feel awful taking any money from them. I’m so glad I prayed everything out to God and he answered my prayers.. rapidly!


I just had to share this with you all today because it was on my heart :]

Do you feel bad accepting money from your parents?

Tell me about some answered prayers!!



  1. What a cool recap! And YAY for answered prayers, that’s amazing you can work for your dad and the church lady 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend my friend!

  2. I love that God works in such mysterious ways. He answers all of our prayers and places us exactly where we should be. It is so amazing.

  3. What a great post! That’s so awesome that God stepped in right away!

    My parents cut me off from the financial stream as soon as I moved out, so I’m used to paying for everything. I don’t mind though–I like the responsibility of it.

  4. So glad some odd jobs popped up for you! I have major money-guilt issues as well, and feel terrible if I have to ask my parents for money. Luckily I have a pretty good job these days and don’t have to, but I had to rely on them for a while in college and felt awful about it, even though I know they don’t mind helping!

  5. Thats soo cool..what can be better than working for family..its quite enjoying I look cute in that pizza uniform 😛 Have a fab weekend!

  6. Don’t you love how things tend to work out?

    I always felt bad taking money from my parents (unlike my little sisters – LOL!), but was always appreciative when it was offered while I was struggling.

  7. Yay for jobs and worry-free thoughts 🙂

    I never ask my parents for money – I’m just not cool with it. It’s stressful to have to penny pinch, etc, but it’s worth it for me.

  8. Oh my gosh, I totally relate! One of the hardest things I went through was giving up my waitressing job when I started having pain problems. Like you, I’d worked my whole life and I felt helpless since I wasn’t making money. But I ended up learning that our idea of “wealth” is so twisted and wealth does not necessarily mean money…and wealth can come from surprising places!

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