I take 2 lunches to work

Bible verse of the day: The LORD will vindicate me; 
   your love, LORD, endures forever— 
   do not abandon the works of your hands. Psalm 138:8


I am sure some of my bloggy athlete friends can relate to me today (Hollie, Jamie, Becca.. to name a few!) I took 2 lunch boxes to work. I should be on MTV’s “True Life” My episode would be “True Life: My stomach is an endless pit”

Like my lunch boxes?!

Like my bicep?! (and no makeup..as per usual)

Even though i’m not training for cross country right now because of my knee injury I still eat exactly the same amount of food. Why? Because I am always hungry! Even (and especially) on rest days it is super important to keep your body fueled and full of delicious nutrients. Just sayin!

A lil snackie from yesterday @ work. Watermelon, grapes, and strawberries.


I wanted to share a few more cruise pictures before I peace out for the day!

Hannah (on left) and I on one the ship. It was one of the last nights because I was a lil tan.

Digging into my surprise lemon birthday cake. The waiters put a bow on my head.

Everyone sang Happy Birthday… really loud.

Mom + Dad


That is all for today folks. I work until noon and then around 2 I am leaving for my knee assessment with the UPMC athletic trainer. I’ll fill ya in on how it goes asap!


Are you always hungry? Have you ever packed 2 lunches?



  1. I’d be right there with ya on that show, my stomach is a ravenous beast especially on my leg workout days. But hey, I’ll take any excuse for some more yummy food! 😉 Haha that birthday bow is HUGE!!

  2. Cuute pictures, your parents are adorable! And I love the ridic bow, haha. And YES, I am constantly hungry, and I probably SHOULD bring two lunches to work–I get home at 4:30 and wind up eating dinner around then usually due to starving-ness.

  3. hehe my stomach is also a bottomless pit 😉 When I was doing the 6-meals-a-day-thing I’d unabashedly bring 3 lunches to work every day. My cooler was my best friend!

  4. Love the cruise pics!

    … Why did I ever get mentioned above?! ahahah I actually pack four meals with me every single day. I actually pack at LEAST one meal if not two when I go grocery shoppign.

    … I think I have a problem. ahahaha

  5. Your lunch boxes are so cute! and so are the cruise pics 🙂

    I never wear make up either haha

  6. Hahaha, I love the bow! You and your sis are so cute!

    I love your lunch boxes–especially the froggie one. I used to be obsessed with Hello Kitty and friends merchandise.

    I don’t bring two lunches but I bring enough snacks so I can have one every 2 hours. 😀

  7. I’m a hungry hungry hippo on my rest days as I like to call it. I eat everything that comes within my eye site. I love your two lunch boxes they’re the best! I love hello kitty stuff. I get the calendar almost every year hahaha!

  8. I am ALWAYS hungry! I can totally relate! I’ve never actually packed two lunch boxes, but you can bet my lunch box is always busting at the seams!

    Good luck with you knee appt!

  9. Hey lady! I just found your blog from the comment section of another and love that I did 🙂 Yes I am relentlessly hungry too, it’s sooo annoying!
    Lemon cake? Excellent choice… I need to bring this back into my life
    I look forward to reading more!

  10. Love your cute lunch boxes!! And I know I say this every time I comment on your cruise photos, but looking at your pics makes me SO excited for our cruise in August!! 😀

  11. I normally have two breakfasts. One before my run and one after. I’m not a big lunch person but have a sandwich around noon to be part of the normal society bahaha.

    PS: That red hoodie? I have it and we can be twinnies. 🙂

  12. When I worked as a teacher I had a mini cooler I took with me every day. I taught high school and all the students thought I was crazy to be carrying in a cooler for lunch. Hey – I’m a hungry woman!

  13. I am CONSTANTLY hungry, but I have yet to pack two lunches. I may have eated my lunch and than bought another lunch….

  14. did you know thats the best way to heal!? same calories to feed that body. The hubs had to do the same thing. And now his knee is BEAUNO!

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