1 Month Yummies

Bible verse of the day: Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34 [—-> this verse always helps me to CHILL out and enjoy the present!!]

*So was anyone checking out the Boston marathon stats and times all day on Monday?! I WAS 😀 I was actually hoping to run it this year. That is a whole different post. I have something else to talk about today!*

On Sunday I hit the one month mark of being meat free. What?!

I read The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone and it kind of hit me. I don’t like the way animals are treated. So I stopped eating them! I also talked withJamie a little bit about being a vegetarian/vegan and how it worked for her. She assured me that I would be just fine and I have been just fine! (Thanks girllllll!!!!)

I have been a vegan AND a vegetarian in the past. I would love to be a vegan again, but it is tough as far as going places, buying groceries, etc.

I don’t know why I didn’t mention it on my blog until now but I just thought I would do so :D. So what the heck have I been eating???!

Tofu Stir Fry

Vegetarian lasagna

 Pinto Bean Stew

BBQ Tofu

Sweet Potatoes

Soy lattes

Vegetarian Chili

Apple Sauce

Veggie soup

Country Captain

I know I have a lot more… like any soup, salad, bread, peanut butter, granola/cereal, oatmeal, smoothies, beans, lentils, etc.! I just haven’t taken pictures of EVERYTHING! But I feel great and I feel happy that I am not eating animals. Of course I have gotten some slack from my brother and dad because they just don’t understand or agree with me, but that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own diet/opinion and I don’t judge 🙂

What is the yummiest thing you have had to eat lately?! 



  1. Oh girl, those are some yummy loking eats!

    And can I just say that I love that you include scripture in your blog posts. 🙂 That scripture is one of my husband’s favorites. He reminds me of it often. 😉

  2. I’m a meat-eater, but I totally respect what veg & vegans are doing! I love that you have shown us that we can add in some veg meals to our lives and probably won’t even miss the meat

  3. Wow congrats on being vegetarian for a month! Was it easy? I think it helps a lot if your friends and family are the same way (so you can share the same food and go eat at the same restaurant etc). I like eating more veggies than meat, actually. I “enjoy” more veggies for sure. Japanese food doesn’t include a big portion of meat (not like American steak size), so it’s okay with me… It’s really overwhelming to see a giant steak served in the US…that seems like 2-3 servings…

  4. its whatever works for you. I eat fish and eggs and but they are wild caught and organic. So much better and humane!
    But I could live off pb and J too!

  5. Yes everyone is definitely entitled to their own diet and opinion. It’s great that this is working for you. 🙂 Let’s see…the yummiest thing I have eaten lately….OH! A gluten-free vegan vegetable pizza from a cute little cafe in my neighborhood. It was to live for. So good!

  6. Congrats! I’ve played with being vegetarian before (I’m not anymore tho) and its def diff and makes you feel good. I had some awesome raviolis Sunday night mmm

  7. I would say congratulations on being vegetarian but I think that what you should really be congratulated for is deciding what’s important to you and living it! That is awesome and beautiful!

  8. I have read bits and pieces of The Kind Life by Alicia Silverstone. Every time I go to the bookstore I pick it up and read it.
    I’m a vegetarian myself and have been since the summer. It feels great.

  9. All your veggie meals look fantastic! I could definitely go all in on the vegetarian diet, since I already don’t really eat any meat… but vegan would be so hard for me!

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