I mention Pittsburgh a lot here on my blog. I want to teach everyone some of the Pittsburgh language also known as Pittsburghese.

Yes, Pittsburgh has its own language! We even have t-shirts boasting our interesting sayings.


Without further ado, here are just a few of my favorite Pittsburghese words and phrases:

Apost tu = Supposed to. “You’re apost tu love snow if you live in Pittsburgh.”

Ahr = Hour. “The game starts in an ahr.”

Babushka = Scarf worn on head. “Wear your Babushka, it’s cold out.”

Big Ben = Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers Quarterback. “Big Ben got sacked.”

Buggy = Shopping Cart. “Get a buggy for your groceries.”

Choobinuptoo = What have you been up to. “Choobinuptoo lately?”

Chipped Ham =Very thinly sliced ham. “I bought a pound of chipped ham at the store.”

Dahntahn = Downtown. “Lets go dahntahn tonight.”

Der = There. “The remote’s over der.”

Dupa = Butt. “I’m gunna spank your dupa.”

Gumband = Rubber band. “My gumband snapped.”

Hoagie = Large sandwich or sub. “Lets get hoagies for lunch.”

Jeet? = Did you eat? “Jeet yet?”

Jynt Igel = Giant Eagle grocery store. “I bought pop at Jynt Igel”

Kennywood’s open = Your fly is undone. “Dude, kennywood’s open.”

N’at = And that. “Goin to watch Stillers game n’at.”

Needs = Needs to be. “My hair needs cut.”

Pop = carbonated beverage. “Do you have any pop in the fridge?”

Nebby =Nosy or curious. “Yinz are just bein nebby and gossiping.”

Raadiator =Radiator. “Can you fix my raadiator?”

Sahside = Southside, an area in Pittsburgh. “She lives near the Sahside.”

Sammitch = Sandwich. “I ate a chipped ham sammitch for lunch.”

Slippy = Slippery. “Watch out, it’s slippy.”

Spicket = Outdoor faucet. “Turn off the spicket or the yard will flood.”

Stillers = Pittsburgh Steelers. “The Stillers play tonight.”

The Burgh = Pittsburgh. “He’s coming to visit The Burgh.”

Uge = Huge. “Dat hoagie is uge!”

Worsh =Wash. “Make sure you worsh your babushka.”

Yer = You are. “Yer crazy if you don’t love the Stillers.”

Yinz = You guys are. “Yinz are a cute couple.”


Hope yinz enjoyed it! I’m off to school and then work 5-10 tonight.

Have you ever heard someone speak Pittsburghese or do I need to do a vlog?!

For my Pittsburgh blog friends… Did I miss anything?


  1. Bahaa. There are some people from NY that use some of these too. I love it-we are country hillybilly hicks in upstate NY. I doubt you knew that existent. I kind of just make up my own words/phrases to make up with it such as thebomb.com and awesomesauce ha. I would loveeee for a vlog!

  2. Hahaha I love this! You should totally do a vlog. I heard people say a few of these in Boston… I’m sure Boston has it’s own language too! I don’t think we have any special sayings here, besides horse lingo.

  3. Ha! I’ve never heard about Pittburghese before! Now I can be prepared in case I run into anyone from there in the near future! 🙂

    Sounds like a very cool race, and very worthy cause. Congrats to you and your sister on the wins, and no self-deprecation – you’re time is awesome!!

  4. aw man this post really helps. A LOT. but what throws me everytime is how yinz guys pronounce carnegie. it’s car-na-gee not car-naY-gee. lol. you guys (as in pittsburgher’s) definitely have it wrong not me =)

    by the way, i am running the pittsburgh 5k on saturday may 14th. i keep looking at the ohiopyle 50k race can’t think of what it’s called off the top of my head but it’s in june but i haven’t been trail running since july (eek) and don’t know if i could pull off a 50k… a girl can day dream.

  5. Hi Allie! I LOVE this post. It’s so interesting! I’ve only lived in California so what I know about America is pretty much from my experience in living here. I know…California doesn’t represent much of the US. So I like coming to here and learn about different part of culture and people in the US!

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