Pittsburgh Pirates 5k

Facts: Up at 6AM. Left @ 6:55AM. Hit traffic. Arrived at 7:30AM. Pinned bib & attached chip. Literally ran to the nearest bathroom. Squatted and peed. Ran to start. Boom, time to run!

The weather was a balmy 42*, compared to my last half marathon which was 17*. Over 2,000 runners on the streets of Pittsburgh is cramped but lively! So many people were dressed up and had good spirits, despite our history of being a pretty crappy team. We do have a nice field, which I got to run the bases on today!!

(Me on the left, Hannah on the right. Yes, we are 6 years apart in age. Yes, I am short.)


It took a while to cross the start line, but I LOVED to start and run a bit with my sister. I love her and her love for running at such a young age. When I was 12… I really really didn’t want to run anything more than the mile in gym class, eek!

The race was crowded until the last mile. We were on some trails off of the streets for a little while and they were muddy, which made the run exciting!! I like to dodge puddles/puddle jump :]

Can you see my hair?!? LOL. This was @ the very end, running the bases!

The field never felt so long….

Hannah Banana rockin it!

RESULTS: I placed 1st in the womens 16-19 age group (which included 23 other 16-19 year olds, I promise i’m not the only one LOL) With a time of 21:51 which means my pace was 7:03

Hannah placed 6th in the 16 & under age group (which included 38 other runners) With a time of 28:03 which means that her pace was 9:03

NOTES: Hannah and I both agree that we could have done better if the crowds weren’t so … crowded. But we BOTH had a blast! We have 4 more 5k/10k races coming up this and next month. CANNOT WAIT 🙂 🙂

Have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Yayy! Good job on your time and getting first, and good job to Hannah too! 🙂 I’ve never been to a race that crowded… Obviously since i live in nowhereland.

    Puddle jump… Ya know I would jut splash right through. 😉 lol

  2. wow, 5 k sounds amazing
    i started running a few months ago and am working up the time slowly.
    i shall put that on my to-do list in china …. imagine that 😛

  3. Well, Look who had an awesome weekend!!

    You ladies are inspiring!!.

    Great placement and pace, Allie!! Your sister is young to have such a love for distance =D What a cute pair too. =D

    What a great course~ crowded, but full of spirit!

  4. I was sooo proud of the two of you! IT was super crowded, so dad and I couldn’t see you till you were on the ball field – which was totally awesome! You two turned into speedy gonzalez when you saw that green outfield — it was hilarious!
    love ya baby girl,
    Madre ❤

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