Saturday Saturday


Today I have my last swim meet of the season. (Can I get a woot woot?!) Of course I am sad, but it will be nice to have freedom and a life sometimes ;). Next week there are 4 non-mandatory practices, so maybe i’ll hit one or two of them up-maybe not LOL.

1 week from today I will be running my second half marathon!

I decided to sign up for a half marathon in March, why???? I went for an unseasonably warm weather run in February and it felt good. (Kind of.. haha) so I was looking at races that night and signed up! Well I didn’t run outside again until I was in Florida just last week.

So we shall see how this half marathon turns out. I expect it to be HUGE and FULL but that makes it so fun!! (Most of the time)

I have found that I prefer small races vs. huge races.

That is one of the reasons I’m not doing the Pittsburgh Marathon [The other reason is that is is on a Sunday and I don’t miss church on a Sunday unless I am ill]


Other cool news:

I figured out my recipe page! It is about time .. seriously! I shall be posting lots of yummies now 😀

Like this:

Check the recipe pages for my Raspberry Trifle!

Have a great Saturday 😀

Do you prefer big or small road races?

Any suggestions for my recipe pages?!?!


  1. I’ve only ever been in one race but I know that I would prefer small. Or small ish. Maybe medium (which was what mine was). Big ones and all the crowds? Not my thing.

  2. To me – I think it depends on the distance. Short races I prefer to be smaller. But for really long races, I like more people because I hate when the racers are so spaced out that it doesn’t even feel like a race! I need the other racers to give me that race-day boost!

  3. Wow that trifle looks awesome…I’m glad you have a recipe page now 🙂

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR HALF!!! You will KILLLLLLL IT!! I can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

    When you train for stuff do you focus on speed or hill work outs? Or just getting the run in? tell me your secrets muahah

    1. Glad ya like my trifle and recipe page! WOO.

      Thanks for the good luck wishes.. I NEED them hahaha.

      When I train I do speed (at a track), hills, long runs, tempo runs, and easy runs! I hope that answers your question… but if you have any other I would LOVE to answer them.. send em here or to me email!!! (

  4. Your raspberry trifle looks amazing! You’ve just reminded me that I’m a few behind in posting recipe updates to my index. It’s good to keep up to date!

  5. Have a blast at your last meet!! Oh gosh, the half sounds fun 🙂 I think if I ran I would prefer smaller races!

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