I have some exciting news.

One week from yesterday Jim and I

Will be on our way



So this means when it is 40 degrees in Pittsburgh (like right about now) Jim and I will be waking up to 70 degree weather. AH, refreshing πŸ˜€

It was a bit of a last minute decision. I have spring break next week and Jim has some time off of work. My dad’s cousin invited us to stay at her house for a few days so she can show us the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.

This will be my second time staying in St. Petersburg, but I am excited to see it from a resident’s perspective! We just ordered our plane tickets yesterday (never do that… $)

I need some encouragement …..

I. Am. So. Scared. To. Fly.



  1. Ah jealous!! I have spring break too but I’ll just be in lame and cold new york! For the plane I suggest having gum, an ipod and a book! If you get nervous during take off pop in some gum, stick your head phones in and read a book a combo of them all will take your mind off it!

    Have fun!!!!!!!! I wish I was going somewhere warm jeeeeeeeeesh

      1. Anytime! And yeah I’m from Syracuse- I really do love it here, but I def need to get out of NY for a little while before I go crazzzy! haha or I just need to find new adventures within my lovely state

  2. Flying is easy! …. and actually ALOT safer than driving!!!!

    A friend just got to tampa saturday. While he was running on the beach in 84 degree weather I was on teh treadmill staring out at (anotehr) snow storm!!! UGH!!! NO FAIR! LOl

  3. Jealous!! That is going to be so nice and so much fun. I’ve never been to Florida so take lots of sunny pictures, okay? πŸ˜‰

    You’re scared to fly? I LOVE IT! Seriously. I am SO psyched for the super long flight I have to Australia in a month and I’m already dreaming about what snacks I’ll bring and what books I’ll read. Yup.. I’m a nerd. Maybe try and make it fun by doing the same? Get some fun/delicious snacks, buy a new book, load some new, catchy songs onto your Ipod. πŸ™‚

  4. You’ll be fine on the plane, girl! Just bring good snacks and book.
    I wish you were coming further South in Florida! You could give me swim lessons.


  5. Yay, that will be so much fun! And warm πŸ™‚ Flying is no biggie, don’t sweat it girl! Take lots of pictures of your trip!

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