No tuna fish?!

Happy Tuesday! It is almost Wednesday 🙂 Yippie! So, I made it through a 2 hour and 45 minute swim practice last night and I owe it all to a huge potato ! I’m serious. It was huge, and so yummy along with meat loaf and one of my favorite vegetables… asparagus (which makes my pee smell like asparagus.. I just had to say it hahah)

Mom’s turkey and mushroom meat loaf

So I hit the hay pretty quickly after swimming… had to snack first though 😉 I refueled with delicious cottage cheese and also had a raspberry ice cream bar

Sooooo, I slept in. I actually meant to wake up like really early and walk my puppy Lola. But I overslept. Oops! I still made time to read my Bible though! Verse of the day:

The Lord is the true God; he is the living God, the eternal king. Jeremiah 10:10

All I have to say to that? Amen!

This morning was a cold one… hence I needed to drink a whole pot of oolong tea:

I’m pretty sure I like to drink my tea as 1/2 honey and 1/2 tea… gotta have some sugar in my life.
Speaking of things I need in my life. Eddie. Who is shedding. Bad.

We filled a whole plastic bag. I think I could have made some gloves out of all the far, but they would be dandruff gloves, LOL.

School started out icky. I realized I HAD to get to my advisor to schedule my classes for next semester before they all filled up. My advisor wasn’t open to schedule until a week from Thursday… That is crazy. Needless to say, I spent a few stressful hours at school making calls, sending emails, and feeling frustrated! Ugh! I whipped out my Bible and read some of 1 Peter and I calmed down enough to study for my math test on Thursday.

Everything ended up working out though, my English teacher is going to schedule me-because I am changing my major to English! I also heard back from a college I am looking to transfer to! Things started to look up when I headed to Philosophy. I got a 96% on my mid-term! 🙂 Happy times.

Headed home. Looking forward to a tuna sandwich.

No tuna fish. Time to improvise… Hmm… Boca burger!

I cooked it with mushrooms, onion, and cheese.

I added some lettuce, tomato, bread (of course!), and bbq sauce (YUM) and called it a lunch. + Tomato soup with basil and grape juice!

The tuna fish dilemma turned out just fine 😉 Oh yeah, I finally got around to walking poor Lola. It was quite chilly out, so I buttoned up my flannel and slipped on some gloves. I always feel hard core walking a pit bull. Haha- too bad she is scared of her own shadow!

Before I left to take Lola I had some delicious mexican chocolate coffee! Yaaaay coffee! Mom decided to make pizza for dinner because I have so much work to do & no time to cook (SAD.)

I’m about to go eat it now before swim practice!

Bye 🙂



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