A case of the Mondays? I think not!

Before I went to bed last night, I expected I would wake up cranky. I guess seeing this before I went to bed made me think… I shouldn’t take life too seriously:

Cats get thirsty too, you know.

Anyways! I woke up and had a craving for something sweet and chocolate-y.

Nutella with farmers market apples. Mmm 🙂

Bible verse of the day:

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

I’m not a wife yet, but the whole 31st chapter of Proverbs gives some good guidance!

This morning in Pittsburgh was chilly (38 degrees!) so I donned one of my beloved scarfs and headed off to my 8AM english class

Classes went well, I have a bit of homework to be doing tonight.. but I am nonetheless thankful for having an education!

After school mom and I went out to lunch in Murrysville. Chaye coffee and tea! They have homemade ice cream, a billion zillion teas, and plenty of healthy sandwiches, quiche, and soups.

Mom ordered hot raspberry tea to drink and I ordered a frozen peanut butter  latte (How stupid of me when it is so cold out!) To eat I had a delicious and I mean delicious veggie wrap with provolone cheese. Momma had a roast beef panini!

We picked out the tea and brought it up to the counter. Then we ate! Yuuuuum!

Then we trekked to the store.. the sky looked soo cool!

I found some granola brittle? It is so yummy! I think it would be good on top of oatmeal or yogurt.. but I just ate a big hunk of it 🙂

When we arrived home, I was super duper cold. So I made hot cocoa with cinnamon and marsh mellows!

(That is one of my most favorite mugs… I don’t mind that it’s chipped. It gives it character!)

So far, this Monday hasn’t been so bad after all! We’ll see how it goes though, I have yet to do my homework. From 4:15-7 I have swim practice. 3 words: Wish. Me. Luck.





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