swimming poem

My swimming poem

I started this poem in my head while I was swimming this morning and decided to finish it when I got home. I should probably get a life. Winking


I wake up early and put on my suit.
I eat cereal and peanut butter, and drink coffee to boot.

I dip my toes in the water. I slip on my cap.
I suction my goggles and start my first lap.

The water feels good and I feel strong.
I know the pool is where I belong.

Butterfly, breaststroke, and free.
Backstroke is what steals my glee.

I take a sip of water. I fix my cap.
This is no time for a quick nap.

Off I go, in my own world.
Inside my head, thoughts always swirl.

This is my time to sort out problems and pray.
It’s something I look forward to almost every day.

Sometimes I think about life decisions.
Or how to cook tonight’s chicken.

Lap after lap, I go and go.
Even when the outside world is filled with snow.

The water is often choppy.
My flip turns are always sloppy.

I swim. I pull, and I kick.
Even though I don’t go very quick.

I know I smell like chlorine.
It’s okay that my hair turns green.

I have my swimming friends, and they understand.
They know that this sport will always be my jam.

My arms slide through the water like butter.
I cough and spit a huge hocker into the gutter.

One last set. I’m almost done.
I finally see the morning sun.

It’s time to warm down and start my day.
I always enjoy my time of play.

I love this sport because it’s so fun.
Especially when I’m all done.

Swimming is for me and I’m for it.
I’m pretty sure I’ll never quit.