Significant other

Significant Other Survey

My cousin posted a fun significant other survey on Facebook the other day, so I thought it would be fun to get Jimmy involved and see how he responded to the questions.

The rules were to ask your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend the following questions without any specific prompting and write down exactly what they say.

What is something I always say to you?
Yeah okay

What makes me happy?


What makes me sad?
Lack of dogs

How old am I?

How tall am I?

What’s my favorite thing to do?
Button canvases


What do I do when you’re not around
Who knows…

If I become famous what job would it be for?
Dog sitter

What am I good at?
Being loving

What am I not good at?

What makes you proud of me?
Whenever you fix stuff without asking me for help

What is my favorite food?
Peanut butter

What do we do together?
Watch Everybody Loves Raymond

How are you and I the same?
We’re both good travelers

Bodie Island Lighthouse

Where is my favorite place to eat?
Cracker Barrel

When is our anniversary?
June 14th


If I could go anywhere where would it be?

Do you think you could live with me forever

How do I annoy you?
Whenever you rest your unshaven legs on me in the middle of the night

What is your favorite thing about me?
Your love for God

I have to say, Jimmy knows me well! If anyone wants to complete this survey with their significant other, leave a link in the comments! I’d love to read it 🙂