Tomorrow is the Big Day!

The big day is almost here. My little sister is getting married! This time last year, I was super proud of her for graduating high school, and now I’m super excited for her because she’s tying the knot.

photo booth for wedding and bridal shower with frame

I am so incredibly happy for Hannah and her fiancé, Josh. They’re both so wonderful and each serve God will all their heart. Now they get to do that together.

My brother, sister, and I all met our spouses at our church, and to say that’s a huge blessing would be an understatement. There’s just something special about spending your life with someone who is on the exact same page as you are in terms of faith. Because really, what matters more? Nothing.

I’m thankful to my parents for raising us in the Christian faith, and proud of them for going through three weddings in four years! Go Bill and Lisa!

So, what else is going on?

Well, I’m bushing up on my Russian again. Ever since I found one of my old journals, I got inspired to dive back in. Jimmy and I both want to visit Moscow one day.

Learning Russian with Duolingo

I use the Duolingo app and really love it!

I finished baking for the wedding. I made four dozen almond butter cookies and four dozen decorated sugar cookies. Jimmy helped me put the royal icing on the sugar cookies, which was a huge help! I would have been up so late the other night if he hadn’t joined me in decorating. Thank you, Jimmy 🙂

Heart sugar cookies

I filmed another vlog yesterday about a day in my life. It includes Malcolm’s naughty antics, mowing, pet sitting, and a lot more randomness. If anyone is interested in what it’s like to work from home (aka how easy it is to get distracted) this is the vlog to watch 😉

Well, I better start working! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!