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Toys Don’t Last Long in Our House

So, Jimmy and I found ourselves in the pet area of a local farm shop and decided to get the chicken catnip toy below for Malcolm.

Ethical pet product feather birds catnip toys for cats

We were so excited to bring it home for him to play with. We set it down on the ground and I’m not kidding when I say he tore. it. apart.

I think there were three feathers left on that poor chicken within ten minutes. A day or two later, I found Lola laying on her bed with the chicken, just gnawing on it.

Then, I found the last of the chicken in the kitchen.

ethical pets chicken bird catnip toy for cats

The poor little guy never had a chance in the Zottola house. So what did I do? I ordered a three pack of the bird toys to see if Malcolm and Lola will strike again 😉