Chana masala stew

Woah foodie + another run!

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Matthew 24:35 *I love this verse! It seems like everything on Earth is always changing but God’s word will never leave us!*


I uploaded my pictures onto my computer this afternoon and all I could think was “Woah foodie post!!”

Sometimes I upload pictures and all they consist of are photos of Lola, my pool, my best friend, or Jimmy & I. Sometimes I upload pictures and they are all food. That is the reason why I don’t make this blog a specific food blog. Food is a part of my life but definitely not my whole life!

Post leg workout snack: Grilled veggie panini with mozzarella cheese and corn on the cob!

Sweet potato w/ cinnamon & ketchup. Susan got me totally hooked on sweet potatoes with cinnamon.. and any veggie with ketchup!

This is totally random. I just put together leftover peas, chopped onion, canned tomatoes, and chickpeas for some sort of chana masala stew?! The best thing about this was the spices I used: turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, and chili powder!


Roasted mushroom, garlic, and rosemary bisque

Yesterday I plopped on the couch with my devotions and ate numerous spoonfuls of peanut butter 🙂


Today I ran again!

4.6 miles (with my brace on) in 40 minutes. Yes, I am out of shape but I could care less. I went home to this…..

New protein powder & blender bottle! Yippie!


Have a great Wednesday!