Niva’s Surgery

I’m happy to report Niva made it through her spaying procedure and is recovering well!

Husky with cone on after being spayed

She’s pretty pitiful, and I’ve taken to calling her Coney Island, but I’m glad the surgery is behind us. Our veterinarian gave us a sedative for our active, high energy gal so she doesn’t run around and accidentally pop any stitches open.

It has been downright strange to see Niva be so chill!

Siberian husky with cone

We’re counting down the days until she is cone and stitch-free so she can go on walks and feel like herself again.

Here’s to the future with sweet Niva girl ❤



  1. I’m so glad Niva’s recovering well so far! It always seems weird to me when vet’s give cones after spaying/neutering procedures. The vet that did Bailey’s didn’t give them out unless owners saw their dogs trying to get the stitches. Bailey never had a problem so hopefully Niva doesn’t try either!

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