Bring on the Birds

I have a confession to make. I think I’m turning into a bird lady.

Bird seed, hummingbird nectar, and suet cakes from Rural King

I mentioned in my April currently post that I had bought some bird seed and was looking forward to filling our hummingbird feeder, too. Something clicked and I have just been so excited about birds lately, lol (I think that’s the dorkiest thing I’ve said on my blog to this day).

We have two gorgeous dogwood trees in our backyard that I can see from our kitchen sink. We have a bird feeder and suet cake holder in one of the trees and we’ve been seeing cardinals, red-winged black birds, a wood pecker, and…

Ducks under bird feeder


We’ve been seeing two ducks in our yard almost every day since Resurrection Sunday. I’m pretty sure I scared Jimmy the first time I saw them. I was standing at the window and was like JIMMY! YOU HAVE TO COME HERE RIGHT NOW AND SEE THIS!

Poor guy probably thought something was seriously wrong or that it was way more exciting than two ducks eating bird seed in our backyard.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at right now. Really excited about birds 🙂

What’s your favorite type of bird?



  1. Hahah I love your excitement about the birds!! My mom used to have a hummingbird feeder and various bird feeders in the back- it was always so fun to see them all come up & watch them! Totally get the fun in it!

    Aw look at those cute ducks! The bird seed is attracting more than just birds! Might have a zoo back there in now time, lol.

    Thanks for sharing, girl! I don’t know birds well, but I do get excited when I spot the occasional bluejay or cardinal!

    1. Like why is something as simple as a bird so exciting?! I guess it’s the little things in life!

      I agree about the zoo thing, haha. Next thing you know, I’ll look out back and there will be a few cats or something!

  2. It’s so cute that you get ducks in your garden! I wonder if you’ll see some ducklings before long.

    You’re not the only one who likes bird-watching! I got excited last week when I spotted a weird goose haha. I’d never seen one like it before but I took a quick photo and looked it up in a bird book. It turns out that it was an Egyptian Goose! Apparently there’s a small population of them in the UK, after they escaped from captivity and began breeding in the wild.

    1. It made me so, so happy haha! So crazy about the Egyptian Goose!! That is totally something I’d be researching, too! I’m going to look up a picture of one right now 🙂

  3. Hahahaha! I love this! Embrace it! Be the bird lady! I have so many fond memories of visiting my grandparents who loved to feed birds. We would all stand at the kitchen window together and talk about all the different types of birds we saw. 🙂

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