Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies and A Sick Pup

Well, Mavis ended up loving Camp Bow Wow! As I mentioned in my last post, Jimmy and I want to have doggy daycare as an occasional option in case Mavis doesn’t get as much attention or can’t get all get all her energy out when her little sis arrives.

Small dogs at Camp Bow Wow Pittsburgh Southwest Web Cam

I brought her in for her interview on Wednesday morning last week to see if she would be okay getting along with the other dogs, and once she was approved, she stayed for the rest of the day.

I had way too much fun watching her on the camp’s web cam. She came home so tuckered out and happy that I brought her back again on Friday. On Saturday, she was lethargic, and on Sunday she had diarrhea so badly that we ended up at the emergency vet.

Cocker spaniel therapy dog in training harness at vet

Thankfully, Mavis just has a tummy bug that isn’t contagious and is treatable with antibiotics. Since nothing else in her routine changed except going to doggy daycare, I can only assume that’s what caused the sickness? I guess it’s kind of like taking a child to daycare, the child getting sick, and then building up their resistance to the germs at the daycare.

It’s just no fun to see your usually perky and sassy pup so sick. She’s on the mend, though, and Jimmy and I are so glad Mavis’ sickness isn’t anything serious! If anyone in the Pittsburgh area is looking for a 24/7 emergency vet, I’d highly recommend University Veterinary Specialists. We received really great care there.

After an eventful Sunday morning, I was in the mood for some baking. Is baking comforting to anyone else or just me? The process of creating, baking, and enjoying food just makes me so happy.

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip CookiesMalted milk chocolate chip cookies

I finally perfected my recipe for malted milk chocolate chip cookies! It has taken a few test runs, and I’ve been at it since May, but I think I’ve got it down pat now. The cookies are soft, malty, have a variety of chocolate in them, and are made with browned butter. Man do I love browned butter.

You can find the recipe here!

That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to the past few days. Taking care of our little May May and baking. And anticipating our little chicka’s arrival! Aaaand eating lots of this chocolate. It’s delish 🙂

Lindt 78% dark chocolate bar

Do you like to bake?

What’s your favorite type of cookie?



  1. I’m so glad Mavis is feeling a bit better~ her personality is just the sweetest ~ and seeing pics of her looking pitiful and not active is so sad!!
    I do LOVE to bake, but I REALLY have to be in the mood, and half the time I don’t have all the necessary ingredients 😂 Special occasion baking is definitely more my gig.
    I’d have to say my favorite cookie is either a nice soft, thick chocolate chip, or a soft warm oatmeal raisin. I know, boring and plain ~ just like me. 😑
    Love you so much!!
    Save a cookie for me~

  2. Poor little Mavis!! It’s so sad when you can tell your pup isn’t feeling well.

    I’m sure you know but I LOVE to bake haha. I made banana bread Friday after work then whipped up cookies to bring to a party on Saturday. Plus I have some chocolate chip cookie dough in my freezer in case the fresh baked cookie craving hits.

  3. Oh no! Poor Mavis! I’m so glad to hear that she is on the mend, though! Hopefully she will have whatever immunities built up that she needs for her next visit. It’s so great that she loved doggy day care so much. I would spend way too much time watching the camera too, haha!

  4. Aww, poor Mavis! I’m glad she is feeling better now though! ♡ I’ve just recently started baking! It is fun and comforting, I agree! 🙂
    My favorite cookies are those Monster Cookies with everything mixed in them!

  5. I love chocolate chip cookies! Speaking of chocolate bars, though, I got a really good one at Whole Foods. It’s called ChocoLove brand, toffee and almonds in milk chocolate. I like dark chocolate but only like 55-60%, not the super dark ones.

    It’s a really cool idea to have a webcam at the doggy day care so people can check on their pets.

    1. I so loved your cookie tour of Charleston! I need to try that chocolate bar brand now! Next time I see it at the store, I’m grabbing a bar!

      The webcam is such a good idea! I got nothing done because I spent the day watching her, haha!

  6. I love that Mavis loved her daycare but am so sorry to read that she got sick. I’m glad she’s on the road to recovery. Hopefully it was just a fluke thing. That’s fun that you can watch her on the web cam!

    I love homemade chocolate chip cookies and my favorite store bought cookies are Praline Sandies shortbreads and Thin Mints!

    1. Thin mints for the win! I’ll have to try the praline sandies! I’ve never heard of those!

      I was so sad about Mavis getting sick and now I’m kind of nervous to send her back to Camp Bow Wow but we’ll have to just give it a try and hope for the best!

  7. Aww camp bow wow- How fun!

    Oh my gosh, poor little thing though 😦 That’s so crazy she got sick from daycare… I’m sure it’s something that never even crossed your mind. I hope she’s 100% soon.

    Those cookies really do look like perfection. YUM.

    Hmm favorite cookie- that’s so tough- you’re gonna squirm at this, but DJ and I love tollhouse break and bakes lol.

  8. I love that chocolate! Super dark chocolate is the best, haha. Also, those cookies look super tasty, so I will have to save (and hopefully try) the recipe.

    That’s so sad with Mavis! Hopefully she’s better very soon and doesn’t catch anything else. I guess it is like with everyone–gotta be exposed to germs a bit to not get sick in the end. :/ How fun that she did so well there! Kona doesn’t really like other dogs. *sigh* I want to take her to the dog park more to help with that.

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