Currently: February 2018

Current book Ballet for Life by Mary Helen Bowers. I’ve always been fascinated by ballet, so it has been fun flipping through this book written by a professional ballerina!

Current drink Naked Juice smoothies. My current favorite flavors are strawberry banana and protein zone.

Current obsession Taking Mavis out and about to train her. She has been to the bank and library twice, and Lowe’s more times than I can count! She loves interacting with people (and vice versa) so this has been great practice for therapy work.

Cocker Spaniel puppy in Lowe's training to be therapy dog

Current beauty product Everyone 3-in-1 soap in the coconut + lemon scent. It’s a body wash, shampoo, and bubble bath. I’ve only used it as body wash, but the scent is great and I love how inexpensive it is.

Current goal As always, finishing my book! A friend from church graciously offered to proofread for me, so now I just need to finish it. I’m a few chapters away from finishing the first draft. So. Close.

Current excitement This is going to sound so boring, but I was dog walking the other day and noticed the grass and was so excited. It was nice to see grass after feeling like I’ve seen snow on the ground forever! Pittsburgh got a few inches of snow just hours after I snapped that picture, LOL.

Black boots on green grass in January

Current mood Content!

Current blessing Love and support from family. It’s such a big blessing to have a core group of people who just love you, you know?

Current confession I’m getting back into scrapbooking! I feel like this is kind of time consuming when I can just make a scrapbook online from a million websites out there that will print and ship it to me in days, but I just like taking the time to use my hands and be creative with our memories.

I looked back in my archives and the last time I scrapbooked was in 2014!

Current craving Another staycation with Jimmy! We could definitely use some downtime together.

Current procrastination Mopping our floors. It only takes me a few minutes (small house perks!) but I’m just so lazy about this lately.

Current need A new Bible. Mine is falling apart, but I am having such a hard time parting with it (I have so many notes in the margins) and finding just the right Bible. I would love a combo of a study Bible + a journaling Bible + one with NIV and Amplified versions all in one. That definitely doesn’t exist so I need to figure out which to get!

Current indulgence Naps. I have been in the habit of napping after dog walking on most days. I think something about the cold and wrangling dogs just makes me tired and in need of a power nap.

Current food Salmon. I am having a moment with salmon right now. I really love to eat it with the skin on, which everyone I know thinks is gross except my dad.

Current prayer Do you know the hymn It Is Well With My Soul by Horatio Spafford? Lately I’ve been praying that I’ll always be able to sing that with sincerity, no matter what is happening in my life ❤

It is well with my soul

Current question What is your favorite hymn?



  1. Yes! Salmon with skin in!!!! One of my favorites; “It is well, It is welll, with my soul”!!!’

  2. I love salmon but I’m team #NoSkin! It is one of my favorite foods though, and I live near the coast so we have great seafood here. I love the scrapbook so far… I tried to do one after my first cruise and that didn’t work out so well…

    1. I bet the salmon is just epic in Charleston compared to Pittsburgh, haha!! Sometimes our fancy grocery stores get shipments of Alaskan salmon and it is SO good.

      Lol to the scrapbook of your cruise not working out well! Maybe next time?!

  3. I love salmon with the skin on so I’m with you and your dad there! 🙂

    And girl, replacing a Bible you have had for such a long time is so hard. I finally replaced my Bible last year and it was so sad! I’m still working on breaking in the new one.

    Our church sings a mix of contemporary songs and old hymns and one of the hymns that we sing regularly is “It is Well.” Girl, it has been rare that I haven’t at least teared up (if not cried) while singing that song every time over the past few years. It is well, indeed. Praying that for you, friend! ❤

    1. Yay your team salmon with the skin! It seems to be a small club, haha!!

      I’m glad you get how hard it is to replace a well-loved Bible!! I know it will take some time to break in a new one. I just have to go for it!

      “It is Well” always makes me cry, too!! So much meaning! ❤

    1. I only know of one person (aside from Kevin now!) who eats the tails on shrimp! So interesting!!

      Thank you for the compliment on Mavis and our training! That really means so much 🙂

  4. I’ve sung It Is Well With My Soul during every ultramarathon I have done! I also sing it when I feel anxious. It sometimes makes me cry 🙂

  5. I love reading memoirs! Especially ones about athletes, so I’ll have to remember Ballet for Life next time I have some time to read for fun!

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