Dog Puzzles, Candy Bars, and a Wet Basement

Hi! This week has been a busy one so far, but I’m here and ready to blog! I’m currently waiting for a person from our water company to arrive and have a look at our water meter because Jimmy and I woke up to a soaked basement floor–eek! Hopefully the worker doesn’t ask me if my parents are home like last time πŸ˜‰

Alright, here’s some randomness from my life lately!

I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to dog puzzles. It’s just so neat to see Mavis and Lola use their brains to get their food. In case any puzzle lovers out there are wondering where I get them, I’ve bought most of mine at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The two below were only $5 each!

Outward Hound Dog Puzzles

I’ve even been lending the puzzles out to my pet sitting clients for their pups to give them a try. I’m thinking of doing a post on our favorite dog and cat products, but I don’t know if that would be a total snooze-fest, ha.

Jimmy and I attended a wedding on Saturday and he was the best man. It was so sweet to see him give his speech and watch the bride and groom tie the knot.

Couple at wedding reception table in black and white

Okay, random question. Have you heard of the new Hershey’s Gold bar? Apparently, it’s the first new Hershey bar in 22 years. I have been hearing all about it and literally couldn’t find it anywhere. I went to our local Walgreens and a worker told me our area of Pittsburgh was completely sold out.

On Sunday after church, Jimmy and I stopped at a gas station for coffee and gas and lo and behold, I found one! If anyone in Pittsburgh is looking for the Hershey’s Gold bar, I found it at the Sheetz in Monroeville!

Hershey's Gold barΒ Hershey's Gold Bar

Can you believe Christmas is on Monday? Our church puts on a special Christmas Eve service each year and I’m excited for it. There’s nothing like celebrating Jesus’ birth with our church family. Jimmy and I didn’t put up a Christmas tree this year since Mavis is still so young (and we’re lazy…), so I’ve been keepin’ it festive around here with cute coffee mugs.

Merry Christmas mug with labrador holding candy cane

Well, I think that’s all the randomness I have to share for now! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

What are your plans for Christmas?



  1. I don’t have dogs but I think a post about good toys and items for them is a good idea. Not every blog post will appeal to every reader but it’ll appeal to somebody and you post a lot about your dogs, so it’ll help you get new readers and entertain people.

    What did you think about the new candy bar? I want to try it but I’m not a fan that the break lines/little bars aren’t straight like other candy bars. Seems like it would crumble more when trying to break pieces off.

  2. The dog puzzles are so cool! I love your festive coffee mug too πŸ™‚

    Aw what a nuisance about the floor. Hope it isn’t too much of a problem to fix.

    I haven’t blogged in months because I’ve been so busy! I’m looking forward to resting during Christmas – I’ll be spending it with my family and look forward to eating, reading and sleeping a lot! Wishing you a very happy Christmas. πŸ™‚

    1. Thankfully the basement floor is now dry and everything has been fixed! I have missed your blog, but figured you were busy! I hope you had a great, relaxing, and Merry Christmas! ❀

  3. How was the Hershey’s Gold Bar? Was it magical?? Yay for finding one!

    I hope your water meter is fixed soon! And that the water doesn’t leave any lasting damage.

    I would totally read a post on favorite pet things! I’m glad your pups are loving the puzzle feeders. So fun!

  4. Wow I want to try that candy bar. I hope it’s got some salty-sweet thang going on with the pretzels. For Christmas I am going to my parent’s house, then to the movies with my two friends (it’s a tradition we started a few years ago).
    I hope your water problem is an easy fix!
    Merry Christmas Allie πŸ™‚

    1. I hope you get a chance to try it, Ellie!! It does have the salty-sweet thing going for it! It sounded like you had a great Christmas!! What movie did you end up seeing?!

  5. I tried the Hershey’s Gold bar recently and surprisingly liked it more than I thought I would! They sell it at Ralph’s over here, and they were even doing a BOGO free promotion!

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