Garden Update

It has been almost one month since we planted our garden, so I figured it would be a good idea to write an update on how it’s growing!

Here’s what it looked like on May 29th.

Vegetable garden with fence

Here’s what it looked like today, June 28th.

Vegetable garden

The two plants that have seen the most growth are definitely the cucumber and zucchini, with the tomatoes and swiss chard trailing right behind them.

The eggplant, green peppers, and green beans are all growing well, too!

The first thing we harvested was on June 26th, and it was the outer stems of each swiss chard plant. I chopped and sautéed it, and we had it with our dinner that evening. I’m happy to report it was delicious.

swiss chard plant in gardenSwiss chard in red strainer

We expect to harvest more swiss chard, and then the cucumbers and zucchini will likely be next. The tomatoes are giving them a run for their money, though. The purple tomato plant has a pretty big tomato that just needs to ripen!

Zucchini plants in garden

The zucchini, lookin’ huge.

tomato plants in garden

A look at the purple tomato plant.

Updates of note:

  • Jimmy staked the tomatoes up differently this year. Instead of using a tomato cage, he wove string through and across the plants so they can grow up that instead.
  • We need to stake up the cucumbers before they start getting really big.
  • We need to finish the fence.
  • We’re very happy with the landscaping fabric we put down this year. Our time spent weeding has been cut by like 95%!

Vegetable garden

There you have it, that’s our garden update 🙂

Are you growing a garden this year? How is it doing?



  1. Wow!! So amazing ~ that amount of growth in a month. Great job sweetie ~ I wonder if your brother used the weed fabric stuff you guys used.
    Love you ~~

  2. Awesome!!! I have total garden envy of you guys!

    I’m glad to hear the black tarp worked out well. Did you use a specific brand? I used some recently in my front yard landscaping project and the weeds poked up right through the plastic! I was so shocked!

    1. Thanks, Brittany!! I have total project envy of you and Will! You two seem to get so much done and are always doing some neat DIY around your home!

      I can’t remember the brand of landscaping fabric we used, but I know we bought it at Lowes!

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