Last year, this year

I can still remember blogging about how excited I was for 2014 to start. I had good reason to be excited, because it involved a lot of big changes in my life.


Some things that happened in 2014:
My bridal shower
Got through statistics
Completed an internship at a law office
Got two puppies and then gave them back to the breeder (I still miss Ford and Scout so much!)
Hosted Thanksgiving and celebrated Christmas
Graduated from Penn State
Read lots of books and baked as much as possible

2014 was a truly beautiful year for me. It was challenging (school/wedding planning/house hunting/puppies), and astoundingly blessed. I feel like my life has changed so much since this time last year. God worked in me in a lot of different ways during 2014, and He blessed me beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. It was definitely the best year of my life.


Looking towards 2015, I want to make it just as memorable by filling it with time spent with loved ones, serving God in any and every way possible, traveling adventures, and new experiences. I am excited to see and experience all that 2015 has in store!

Last year, I made some goals, and I want to look back and see how I did…

2014 Goals
1. Stop expecting perfection from myself. I did okay with this, but struggled a bit when Jimmy and I gave back Ford and Scout.
2. Bake more difficult recipes. Yes! Loved every second of this goal.
3. Travel with Jimmy. We went on our honeymoon, and that’s about it aside from a day trip to West Virginia.
4. Read 50 books. I read 36 books in 2014.

1. Read the Old Testament. Nope. Once Jimmy and I got married, we started doing a different Bible study, so I stopped reading the OT straight through.
2. Trust God. This was tough for me with the house hunting process. I could have done much better at this goal.

1. Run in some road races. I ran a 5k with Hannah and I think that’s it, haha.
2. Try running with Brandy or Moses (my siblings’ dogs). Nope. Womp womp.


The one race I ran in 2014… lol.

It’s weird to think that even though I didn’t achieve a lot of my goals for the year, I still had the best year of my life. I’m cool with that 🙂

2015 goals
1. Get organized. I want to get back into meal planning and organize our basement.
2. Write. I want to write as much as possible by journaling, blogging, writing letters, freelancing, etc.
3. Take care of my nails. I pick at my cuticles until they bleed. Must. stop. doing. that. I figure that if I paint my nails regularly, I’ll be less likely to pick at them.

1. Travel as much as possible. I don’t care where I go, I just want to travel as much as I can!
2. Plant a garden. From what I’ve heard, the previous owners of our home had an incredible garden and composted a ton. Now the garden area is full of weeds. I know it has potential, though!
3. Decorate a room in our house. I am terrible with decorating. I want to decorate at least one room this year. I’m pathetic, I know.
4. Read 50 books. I’ve been trying to do this every year since 2011, haha.

1. Read the Bible again. Jimmy and I have started reading our chronological Bible together, and are hoping to finish the whole thing in 2015.
2. Re-read The Purpose Driven Life. This will be the third time. I love that book.

What was your favorite memory from 2014?
What are some of your goals/dreams/wishes for 2015?



  1. 2014 definitely was an eventful year for you, and I’m glad I got to follow your journey through the blog 😀

    I need to take better care of my nails too! I have been a nail biter/cuticle picker since I was very young, and the habit has always been an on-again/off-again kind of thing.

  2. Your goals are always spot on! I want to read 50 books this year too, but I always seem to forget about them! I love doing things at the house, and I wish we had an area to put a garden! Happy New Year Allie!

  3. I definitely don’t read enough! I read a lot this year when I was injured though- I couldn’t run so I spent my afternoons by the pool reading. I got a nice tan doing that and read a ton, it really wasn’t so bad. Except that I couldn’t wear flip flops ;).

    You had a great year with lots of memories and you were busy- getting married, graduating, buying a home. It’s been really fun following your blog this year, can’t wait to see what 2015 holds!

  4. My 2014 goal was to be more courageous. My 2015 goal is to take more pictures with my digital camera (instead of my phone)

  5. You and Jimmy had a wonderful and exciting 2014!!!!! My main goal this year is to have a healthy & fit pregnancy and finally become a Mom!!

  6. I pick at my cuticles until they bleed too! I really need to kick that habit.. we can do it together 🙂 Even though you didn’t make a ton of your goals from last year, you did other things that I think are more important than them!

    I want to start a compost! It sounds like so much fun. And I’d like to travel as much as possible. I love seeing new places!

  7. i just checked my good reads and found out i read 33 books in 2014 – pretty close to you! i read 26 in 2013, so i’m ticking up – maybe i hit the 50 mark in 2015? ya think i can do it?? we need to become goodread friends!

  8. You certainly had an eventful and busy 2014! I don’t really keep track of goals for each year; maybe I should start doing that. Some of my goals/dreams/wishes? Hmm, I guess my main goals for this year are to graduate in the summer and then to go to grad school in the fall. A dream of mine is to travel around the U.S. and a wish is to find a nice boyfriend….it gets boring being single!

  9. What an epic year!! I expect great things from 2015 🙂 I love your wrap up, I feel like so few people actually reflect on how accurately they met their resolutions. I’m curious to hear all about your gardening endeavors! This is something I almost never make the time for but want to. Happy 2015 Allie!!!

  10. Ahh what an amazing year 2014 was for you guys! I hope your 2015 is even better! 🙂 Also, I think you did pretty well with your goals consider how many major life changes you experienced in one year. So kudos to you! 🙂

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