8 Things to do in September

September is upon us. Everyone is going to start seeing more of the “P-word” around the blog world. You know…pumpkin. I promise I won’t mention the P-word just yet. It’s still summer in the U.S. until late September!! Can you tell I’m really hanging on to this season? 😉

Moving on.

I was thinking about September and all of the things I want to do, so my random thoughts inspired this post.

8 Things to do in September

1. Read a book. It’s back to school time, and whether or not you’re headed to the classroom, now is a great time to crack open a new book. Head to your library, check out the New York Times Best Sellers list, or visit a local book store for inspiration. After a busy summer, I’m finally getting back into reading and it feels so good! Jimmy and I are reading The Love Dare together, and I’m hoping to start American Wife soon. I’ve read some controversial reviews on it, so I’m intrigued!

IMG_2517 (2)

2. Sort through your clothes. When the weather begins to change, it becomes a wonderful time to go through your clothes and weed out what you no longer wear. You can donate, sell, or giveaway clothes to friends or family. I usually give mine to Hannah. Sometimes we actually trade clothes… it’s definitely a win-win situation when that happens!

3. Finish outdoor projects and begin planning indoor projects. Finish that paint job or patio renovation, and think about any projects you want to do inside during the coming months. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I have done zero decorating since Jimmy and I moved into our home. None. I’m finally starting to think about it, and totally going hard on Pinterest.

This has been the extent of my decorating. You know... matching up plates, bowls, and mugs ;)

This has been the extent of my decorating. You know,  matching up plates, bowls, and mugs… that’s totally decorating because they’re colorful, ha.

4. Decorate for fall. This is pretty self explanatory, right? Some ideas: make centerpieces by taking a walk through the woods to collect pine cones, berries, and other fall-ish things, buy seasonally scented candles (I’m not saying the P-word!!), or pick up some mums from your local garden center. My mom and I had a blast creating fall wreaths last year. Still not sure what to do? Check out 60 fall decorating ideas from Southern Living’s website!

5. Wash your vehicle. If you own a vehicle, give it a good hand wash, vacuuming, and detail before it gets too cold outside! If you live somewhere warm and can do this year-round… then whatever. I envy you and your warm weather lifestyle.

6. Read Proverbs. The start of a new month is the perfect time to commit to reading one chapter of Proverbs per day. There’s 31 chapters in Proverbs, so that would bring you to the beginning of October. Cool, right?! Don’t limit yourself to one book–consider starting a new Bible study, too!

IMG_2249 2

7. Do something you’ve been putting off. There are too many little things I have been putting off lately, so I’m going to tackle a few this month. I want to organize paperwork (yay bills and grownup stuff!), order wedding picture prints, and donate a few things to our local Goodwill. I also want to watch Sharknado 2.  I’ve been putting that off way too long 😉

8. Print pictures or make a scrapbook. What better way to remember your epic summer than to scrapbook it or have pictures printed?! If you’re not all about scissors, paper, and glue, try making a photo book via Shutterfly, a website that allows you to create scrapbooks online and mails the finished product right to your doorstep.

started getting back into scrapbooking recently, and began using Project Life, which is a totally different system of scrapbooking that focuses on simplifying the whole process. I recommend it to anyone who thinks cutting and gluing is tedious, haha. Also, I found this awesome link to 10 design tips for visually appealing scrapbook pages. Love it!

IMG_2504 2

Three (!) questions for you today:

What do you plan to do in September?
Have you been putting anything off?! (<— tell me I’m not the only one!)
Are you reading any good books?


  1. My sisters and I swap clothes all the time too! I go through my closet at the end of summer and give away any summery clothes I haven’t worn that year and at the end of winter I do the same thing (give away winter clothes that I haven’t worn that year). I always let my sisters go through them first and then my friends and teens and whatever is leftover goes to charity. 🙂

  2. I am planning to clean out my closets a bit and my dresser, because I have some clothes I don’t wear anymore or are just worn out and I need to give them away or throw them away. I like the idea of washing the car. We can hand-wash year round here, but I usually opt for one of those car washes that you drive through.

    I made a P-word protein shake the other day but it just tastes weird in August. I think I’ll wait until September… or until it actually gets cold here (hmm, November?) for that!

    Don’t feel bad about not decorating. It’s been over a year and I haven’t done a whole lot either…

    1. I am so jealous you can hand wash your car year round! It’s pretty much a lost cause here from January-March because of the slush and salt, not to mention the cold, haha.

      LOL to the P-word protein shake!! I need to make one of those in the next few months… 🙂

      I feel better that you haven’t decorated much either! It’s just hard for me to make decisions and find the time to look (I want things I will love and can afford… touch choices haha).

  3. Great post. One thing I’m hoping to do is clean the house more. I’ve been really bad about keeping it rather grimy as of late so I would love to get that done before T gets home.

  4. I’m one of the only ones in my grade that still reads. I can’t believe everyone stops reading when it’s not required anymore! And ohhh man the P-word. How is it almost here already!?!? I love the idea about making a scrapbook. I take so many pictures but never print any. I should!

    1. That’s crazy that you’re one of the only ones in your grade that still reads! I’m proud of you!! Keep it up.. you will never regret it AND it makes you smart!

      Yay for the P-word coming… and that whole season, really. I totally recommend making a scrapbook. I love looking back on ones that I’ve made in the past. It’s so much fun to go through the whole process of making them, too! It’s very relaxing 🙂

  5. I’m already into pumpkin and apples this season! Yesterday it was kind of cold here and as I bit into an apple I got that inkling for fall! And right now I’m munching on a pumpkin cookie! I read Proverbs last February…I accidentally picked the month with only 28 days haha

    1. Yay for pumpkin and apples! I’m starting to get into them now, too! I want to go apple (and pumpkin!) picking so badly this fall. I’m glad you read Proverbs! So much wisdom in there 🙂

  6. I love cleaning out my closet when the weather changes. It gets me psyched for the clothes coming out of hibernation. Also – I’m not intentionally bragging about living in a warm climate – but it NEVER occurred to me that people in cold climates can’t really wash their cars when it’s cold. Mind blown.

    1. Yes, me too! And lol about not even thinking about people in the cold weather states not being able to hand wish their cars! I’m sure there are a ton of things I can do year round that desert people can’t though. I just can’t think of any LOL. Maybe not have to put on sunblock some days because it’s cloudy here a lot?!

  7. I need some good books to read!!!! I have some time off in September and need some things to keep me occupied. My goal is to read at least one book 🙂 Oh, and bake LOTS of things with pumpkin!

    1. Check out my “Challenge” pages (at the top of the blog)! I try to read 50 books each year, so I have a lot of recommendations highlighted in red!

      Yay for reading AND baking!!

  8. Your list is great! 🙂 I’m actually in the process of sorting through my clothes right now. I took a big bag of my unwanted clothes to the charity shop (in the UK, “thrift stores” are what we call “charity shops”. US/UK language differences fascinate me. 🙂 ) And I bought some pretty rosewater-scented drawer liner paper from Crabtree and Evelyn on Friday, so I’m going to line my drawers with that today and clear out my wardrobe. Being organized feels so good!

    I always love reading, although academic books are creeping back onto my to-be-read list now. I start my final year of college soon and I have lots of reading to do! I hope you enjoy American Wife. I read it a few years ago and the details of it aren’t fresh in my mind. I have read all of Curtis Sittenfeld’s novels though and I very much enjoyed her most recent one, Sisterland.

    I’m also planning to do #5 on the list very soon. I got a new Bissell vacuum cleaner and it has a little detachable ‘pod’ thingy which will make it so much easier to vacuum my car! 🙂 I want to get some vehicle wax and give my car a good polish too.

    #6 on your list reminds me that I need to make more time for contemplation. My mum got some not great news from the hospital yesterday and I instantly began feeling really stressed. She needs more treatment to be fully well, otherwise she will become seriously ill again, but the medication the hospital want to use has very nasty side effects. After all that she and I went through when she had major surgery in 2012, it is tough to face the prospect of more hard times. 😦

    1. The differences between languages fascinates me, too!! In my lingustics class last semester, we did an activity where we had to match up American versions of a word with English versions and it was pretty interesting and HARD! Anyways, I agree that being organized feels amazing!

      I read Curtis Sittenfield’s book Prep, and really liked it! I haven’t read Sisterland yet. So far, American Wife is super intriguing! Loving it for sure. It’s just so long, haha.

      I am so sorry about your mom. I will be praying for both of you. I can’t imagine all of the emotions you’ve been feeling lately. Please get in touch with me if you want to talk at all!

      1. We did a similar activity in one of my linguistics classes last year: we had to ‘translate’ the American English words into their British English equivalent. 🙂 There are some big differences, e.g, “plow” is spelled “plough” in the UK!

        Thank you for your prayers and sympathy. It is much appreciated.

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