Tidbits and pictures

Hey there and happy (early) Memorial Day! I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect on all of the sacrifices that our servicemen and women have done for the United States over the years!

I was on the North Shore of Pittsburgh this weekend and was able to look at the Southwestern PA WWII Memorial. It was really awesome.

WWII Memorial 1 WWII Memorial

I just want to share some tidbits of information and a few pictures today. Pretty much my general randomness, you know? Here we go…

My family finally had Brandy groomed. She looks like a totally different dog. In fact, Lily (our cat) actually hissed at Brandy after her little hair fur cut!

All Raccoons Are Bandits
My friend from church, Brett, and his girlfriend Angela are working on a film! It’s called “All Raccons Are Bandits” and it’s a drama/comedy set in 1882, that tells the tale of a small-time scoundrel who fell in love with the local policeman’s daughter. Here’s a link to website if you want to learn more! I think Brett and Angela are so talented, and it’s amazing how God blesses everyone with different skills and abilities.

Break in
Jimmy thinks it’s funny to take pictures of me when I have to break into my house after church. I yi yi.

Jimmy and I went to a Pirates baseball game vs. the Washington Nationals. A guy from our church very generously gave us tickets and the Pirates won. It was a wonderful date night!

Lola and Brandy
I took this picture of Lola and Brandy after we took a walk through the woods. They were pooped and decided to rest in someone’s yard o_O.

Dog Feet
Has anyone ever smelled their dog’s paws before and thought they smelled like Fritos?! For years I would always tell my family (and blogging friends in this post) that I thought Lola’s paws smelled like Chex Mix. Now I know why!

Well, that’s all the randomness of my life that I have to share for now. I’m headed off to evening church service and spending Memorial Day with my family and Jimmy. Tomorrow is his birthday!

What have you been up to this weekend?!


  1. Ah ha! Now I know why warm dog (and cat) paws smell nice. Totally cracking up over that discovery!
    This weekend … I watched Once Upon a Time pretty much nonstop, and painted my nails sparkly red. My life is so exciting.
    Your friends’ film sounds great – hopefully I can see it when it’s finished.

    1. It’s so weird, isn’t it?! I always love smelling Lola’s paws. Watching a movie and painting your nails must have been nice! I love weekends like that :). I will keep you posted on the film for sure. I actually MIGHT be in it. Oh my. I hope you’re healing well!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jimmy! Hooray for going to a pirates game and for them winning… and for free tickets. You just can’t beat free. I know how hard it is to be in college and a younger couple… and things like that definitely mean a lot, sometimes more than “stuff” because you get the experience and memories.

    1. Yes, free tickets are the best when you’re young and broke ;). Jimmy said thank you for the birthday wishes, haha. He was like “Awww, thank you!” and had a big grin on his face!

  3. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your life always sounds so wholesome! The weather here in Ireland has been dreadful, so I have spent all of my time indoors, watching movies, making gigantic batches of granola and reading!

    1. It truly was the perfect weekend, Sophie! I’m sorry the weather has been rough in Ireland! Watching movies, reading, and baking isn’t so bad though–right?!

  4. This kind of makes me want to smell Oreo’s paws the next time he is hot, haha!

    1. Oh yes, definitely a moment to remember! I do it a few times a year, and it’s always fun. Most of the time ;).

      I agree about the memorial! I really enjoyed reading it and looking at it!

  5. I always have said that my cats toes smell like popcorn! Ha, ha. 🙂 Oh, and what a fun post!! I remember having to ‘break into’ my parent’s house one time with my hubby, because we got locked out and my parents were running late. LOL. And Brandy is just the cutest!

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