Ford Cake

I mentioned in my last post that Jimmy’s birthday was on Monday. I followed my yearly tradition of baking and decorating a cake for him!

Ford Cake 1

He’s really into Ford trucks, so I figured I’d make a cake with the Ford symbol on it. Pretty simple! I baked a chocolate cake, whipped up a batch of vanilla buttercream frosting, and got to work.

Ford Cake 2 Ford Cake 3

I divided the cake into two layers and filled the middle with a thin layer of buttercream. I also frosted the outside with a light crumb coat. Then I worked on the fondant.

I decided to go with pre-dyed blue fondant this year after spending over two hours dying fondant in 2012, LOL.

Ford Cake 4 Ford Cake 5

After I cut the fondant to the cake’s size, I began to pipe “Ford” on the cake. I only felt comfortable doing this after spending a few hours practicing with different pastry tips earlier in the week…Ford Cake 6 Ford Cake 7 Ford Cake 8

After piping the letters, I used another pastry tip to pipe some flowers along the bottom of the cake to add a little pizzazz.

Ford Cake 9

Suddenly, the cake was done. Ahhh. I instantlyy felt my shoulders drop away from my ears, haha.

Ford Cake 10 Ford Cake 11

I think it’s safe to say that Jimmy liked it because he dug right in. Please excuse the mess behind Jimmy in the picture of him cutting the cake! (Notice our china that we were generously given in the lower right hand corner?!)

Past cakes for Jimmy’s birthday…

Past Cakes

Cheeseburger cake in 2011, welding cake in 2012, and Oreo cake in 2013!


  1. I love your cake! I remember the welding cake but not the others, but I love how you do this for Jimmy each year for his birthday :). It’s so fun and creative and the cake looks delicious as well.

  2. I frosted ice cream cakes all day today! I am getting good at writing on them however I’ve never experimented with fondant. Too laborious haha

  3. So much work for such a simple design! You are so talented :)! I’m also blown away by the cheeseburger cake…

    1. Seriously…. imagine if it was some crazy complicated design… yikes! But thank you for the compliment, P! I think the cheeseburger cake was definitely the best one.. or at least the most unique haha.

  4. I think that you’re making him fun cakes every year is SUCH a wonderful tradition!! 🙂 Someday, you’ll have a scrapbook of memories, and how much fun will it be to look back on all these cakes… and memories!!

    1. Thanks, Leigha! I thought of you the other day when my sister got nominated for the cold water challenge! I showed her your video and I was like “She lives in Michigan!!!” haha. My sister officially thinks you’re hard core!

  5. oh gosh, these cakes are awesome! they look incredibly professional, and now i’m thinking i should probably try one. is the fondant hard to master? i think that’s the only thing holding me back…

    1. Thanks!! It’s definitely a lot of fun to give it a shot, even if it all goes haywire (which happens to me from time to time!). The fondant isn’t too tough to master. I just watch a lot of YouTube videos before I have the courage to go for it 😉

  6. AMAZING. You are so talented!!! Also, I work for Leif Johnson FORD as a social media rep…..could I maybe use a picture of your cake for a Facebook post? We’re always looking for stuff like this.

  7. I’ve said it before, but you are one of the most amazingly thoughtful people in the world. Yo uare amazing and the relationship between you and Jimmy is so wonderful! Love the cake!

  8. I looked at all of you previous posts of all the cakes and it was a wow moment! Good job dear you. You have some creativity and talent. Plus a kind heart. A winner combination. Your man is lucky to have a girl like you.

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