Mother’s Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! My family had a little cookout between church services and just relaxed all afternoon.  I’m so happy that I spent the day with my mom. I have been so blessed to have her as such a Godly influence in my life and I love her so much!

Mother's Day

I tried to put a lot of thought into my mom’s gifts. I made her a card with her favorite flowers drawn on it (lilacs), put together a cookbook of all of our favorite recipes to cook together, and painted her a ceramic mug and filled it with some goodies.

Mother's Day gifts

Jimmy also painted a dish for his mom for Mother’s Day! We went to a local ceramic shop a few weeks ago and spent the better part of an afternoon together painting our mom’s gifts.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


Here’s what our pieces looked like before…


Here’s what they looked like after…

Ceramics 2Ceramics

Now for a funny mom story:  My mom and I were in a clothing store together yesterday and while we were checking out, the cashier said she saw us looking at clothes (with our backs turned towards her) and thought we were two teenage girls. Too bad neither of us are teenagers ;).

How did you spend Mother’s Day?

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  1. Whoaaa those ceramics are amazing! I painted a bowl for my mom once and it was nothing near as nice as those! I am mighty impressed! Also, you are such a great gift giver! Your mom is lucky to have such wonderful daughters!

    1. Haha thank you! It took me FOREVER to paint that mug!! Jimmy waited patiently after he finished his plate in like an hour. Thanks for the compliment, too! I try to put a lot of thought into gifts that I give 🙂

    1. Thank you!! It was so much fun to paint ceramics! Jimmy and I want to go back again soon and paint something for our future home :). I know I love personalized, handmade gifts, so I figured/hoped my mom would too!

  2. Aw what a great mother’s day! I painted my mom a mug over spring break but I am pretty sure yours looks professional and mine looks like an elementary schooler did it 😉

  3. Oh, wow, I love how your pottery pieces came out!! They’re really lovely! I can’t paint worth beans, but I sure can appreciate the talent of others. Ha, ha. 🙂 I’m SO glad you were able to spend Mother’s Day with your mom and that it was a special day.

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! I’m so happy I was able to be with my mom, too! I never want to take her for granted–she’s SUCH a blessing in my life! I hope your Mother’s Day was wonderful, ya lovely mom-to-be!!

  4. Aww, I bet your mom loved hearing that the cashier thought she was a teenager! 😉 I’m 26 and I still love when people ask what grade I’m in (which just happened this past Sunday)! 🙂

    Your pottery pieces turned out GREAT!

  5. I love ceramic shops! I haven’t made anything in one in so long. Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day! You + your mom seem to have such a wonderful relationship 🙂 ❤

    1. Me too! I wish we could go paint ceramics together!! I bet my sister would love hanging out with you. You two remind me of each other a lot and she’s turning 16 soon, so I think she’s around your age. I totally wish she had a blog! And thank you for the compliment on my mom and I! We are super, super close! I like to think we have a really happy relationship 99% of the time, haha!

  6. Your pottery is beautiful, and it sounds like you gave your mother a wonderful Mother’s Day. (Love the story at the end, too. What a compliment for both of you!)

  7. I’m not surprised the womb thought you were both teens! All 3 of you look just alike – so pretty and youthful!

    Love your present – handmade presents are a great idea!

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