Bread head

I love crossing things off of my baking bucket list! This time it was sandwich bread. Cookies have always been one of my favorite things to bake, but I think I’m becoming a bread freak lately, between making english muffinschallah, and now good ol’ sandwich bread! I love it.

Bread1 Bread2 Bread3 Bread4 Bread5 Bread6 Bread7

I can’t wait to slice into this loaf! I’m thinking it will make a mean peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My favorite.

Also of note:


Spring. It rained this morning in Pittsburgh. Did you read that? Precipitation that wasn’t snow!! I think spring is really on its way 🙂

What’s the weather like where you live?!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post about finding a place to live. Wow! I am going to answer everyone’s comments, but I just wanted to say thanks. I love the blogging community because everyone is very encouraging and supportive. You guys rock!


  1. The bread looks delicious! I love bread, especially homemade one. I can’t stand the regular loaf bread from stores or regular sandwich bread, but I’ll eat specialty bread or homemade one all day long!

    Glad you got some non-snow precip!

  2. That looks amazing!! I still haven’t made the english muffins yet…. 😦 I am too impatient to make bread! Ha I don’t want to wait for it to rise! I will say it again – Jimmy is one lucky dude!! 🙂

  3. I’m thinking your need to open your own bakery!! This looks so yummy! I’d love to make my own bread. Yeast is just too scary! And yay for spring! We got a ton of snow last night but today the sun is out so it’s all melting. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. THAT BREAD…seriously. It looks perfect! YUM! Also your weather photo is great, I’ve been on the east coast all week and the weather was pretty rough. SO excited it’s nicer in my area!

  5. I SO wish I could jump into one of these photo’s, land in your kitchen, and have a taste of that sandwich bread for myself! (I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy). Ha ha!! 🙂 I just pinned the recipe though and do plan to try making it for myself, as I’ve been wanting to experiment with bread making… Hmmm, looks SO delish! (And as for weather, it’s sunny today AND it may reach the 50’s! So I’m unbelievably happy!!!).

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