It’s March!

I can’t believe it’s March already! Spring begins this month in the United States. SCORE!


Pittsburgh has been cold lately (tonight’s low is 5°F), but I saw about six blue jays on campus today. My theory is that if birds are appearing in the northern states again, then spring must be pretty close! I act like I know these types of things… haha. And I just admitted to counting birds. I am weird.

So, what have I been up to lately (aside from counting blue jays..)?

-House hunting
-Studying/school work
-Dealing with tummy troubles
-Wedding planning
-Enjoying life in general!

I suppose I can elaborate on my little list. I’ll start with the struggles first.

Jimmy and I still don’t know where we’re going to live once we’re married. We have three months to figure this out. We’ve been looking at houses in the area that he currently lives in, but they’re all very expensive. We’ve loved a handful of houses in the area where I currently live, but living on “my side of town” would force Jimmy to commute 50 minutes or more both ways to work each day.

The good thing is that everyone in my immediate family (except my little sister and I) is a real estate agent. This has been such a huge blessing. If Jimmy and I want to see a house or get info on it, we literally have instant access through my mom, dad, or brother. I know that God has a plan for us and where we will live. In the meantime, Jimmy and I are learning to trust and be patient!

The other struggle is the tummy troubles I’ve been having lately. I’m having issues sort of similar to when I had a pretty bad stomach infection twice in the past. Is it terrible that I don’t really want to go to my gastroenterologist to find out what’s up because every time I do I either have to take crazy medications or have minor surgeries? I’m just taking it easy and waiting to see if I feel better soon before I schedule any appointments.


School has been chugging along! I’m enjoying my classes (aside from statistics) and learning a lot. Deaf culture is still my favorite class. I might have to devote a post to it at the end of the semester!

Wedding planning has been coming along well, too. Jimmy, his mom, and two of his groomsmen picked out everyone’s tuxes last week. My cousins also tried on their bridesmaid/junior bridesmaid dresses yesterday! Both of their dresses are going to be that blue color.


Well, this post is pretty long, so I’m going to get back to my linguistics homework!

Is it almost spring where you live? If so, have you been seeing any signs of the upcoming season?!


  1. The weather here is weird. It was nice earlier today but now it’s chilly and windy outside. It’s not cold, but today the high was 79 and tomorrow the high is in the low 40s… kinda big drop there.

    i hope your stomach issues will work themselves out and you won’t have to go to the GI doc! Who wants to have crazy medications or procedures? Plus, you have enough to worry about right now with school, the wedding, and finding a place to live. Hopefully none of that stress is causing the issues either (I always hear that can cause them, but I don’t know…. because I’m always kinda stressed).

    The wedding planning looks fun! I love the neck of that pink dress- i have a dress with a similar neck/cut and it’s super cute.

  2. Stomach problems are my life. I have given up going to any sort of doctor because they NEVER TELL ME ANYTHING I don’t know – it’s a waste of my time and money, and in the end, they just don’t have any helpful advice at all. I need to try and fix myself – trial and error, trial and error! What are your issues exactly?

  3. Wow what a week. I’m glad you updated and I cannot believe your wedding is only a few short months away! How crazy is that. I can relate completely to the housing situation. Though we didn’t buy, it was frustrating looking around.

  4. Oh girl, you guys will find the perfect first home! I just know you will! I’m glad you have so much support from your family being in real estate! 🙂

  5. Oh man, I hope your tummy gets better!! Spring has not come at ALL here. I swear. it’s getting colder. This winter will never end!

  6. Learning patience is so important, yet so hard. But yes, God does have a plan for you. Now he is apparently teaching you a lesson on trust. Pray about when to go see the doc if the tummy aches continue. Ask your parents’ advice, too. God speaks thru wise counselors, as well.
    Here in Canada there’s no sign of spring yet. But I’ll be patient…

  7. Love this update post!
    Hope you are feeling better! I had a really bad sinus infection last week so I know how it feels to not feel your best, haha.

  8. I love that blue dress! It’s amazing! I hope you guys find a place soon! Sounds like you have a ton of help in that department!

  9. Sadly we aren’t even close to spring here! Crossing my fingers that it isn’t much longer.
    And good luck with your health issues. I hope you’re feeling better soon without any surgery or medications.

  10. Your going to find the perfect landing spot for you and J.
    And… I hate to say it but it may be best to go to the gastro sooner rather than later? Have you ever considered a naturopath? They are REAL Drs (MDs) with a more holistic approach — it could be a vitamin or mineral deficiency, etc.

  11. First things first, I am SO sorry to hear about your tummy troubles! Definitely no fun at all! I’ll be praying for a quick recovery!! I’m in love with that blue color you picked for the wedding!!!! AND house hunting can be so stressful, especially when you’re figuring in commutes. Keep praying about it, and I know the right place will turn up! 🙂

  12. That is awesome that you have so many people on the “inside” helping you. I’ll keep that in mind if me and Mike ever move. 😉

    The wedding planning looks like it’s coming along really well! I’m so excited for you!

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