Sharing, working, and working out



I feel like I have a lot of random things to share. I’m going to try to be organized and share everything in a list!

1. My brother and sister-in-law are home from their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic. My brother developed some sort of stomach bug, and I feel really bad for him. They shared some photos with me. The resort they stayed at is gorgeous!

2. I visited my dentist today for a cleaning, and he said my dry socket is slowly closing. Hurrah!
3. It’s Shark Week. Enough said.
4. School is starting up for me in a few weeks, so I’ve been savoring my last bits of extra free time by baking nonstop. Baking makes me so happy.lemon cookies

On working:

I resigned from my position as a Spinning instructor a few weeks ago. It’s not that I didn’t like teaching Spinning–I really did. It’s just that I wanted to work for my family’s business.

My dad is a real estate broker and owns his own real estate company. My mom and brother are both agents and work under my dad. Since I quit teaching Spinning, I’ve been doing real estate marketing work for my family’s business and I love it!

On working out:


Working out kinda fell to the wayside for a bit this summer while I recovered from my wisdom teeth extraction and subsequent dry socket. Then I was busy helping prepare for my brother’s wedding.

At the beginning of the summer, I planned on training for this fall half marathon, but I can’t really see that happening now, and I’m totally okay with it! Life happens. Unexpected things come up. It’s all good.

I’ve been running a little bit lately, but nothing longer than 5-7 miles. I’m hoping to run more in the coming months, but I’m not sure how busy I’ll be at school with my new position and some tough classes coming up (senior research project, I’m lookin’ at you.)

Whether I get to up my running mileage more in the coming months or not, I’m not too worried about it. If it happens, awesome. If not, oh well! At least I have an awesome stretching buddy.

stretching buddy

Have you ever quit a job you loved for a better opportunity?


  1. I love your attitude! Sometimes life does get in the way of things but we just have to think of what other good opportunity it will bring! I haven’t had a job yet, lol, but I want to get one!

  2. I am glad to see you doing things you are enjoying Allie. I’ve always enjoyed your approach to running and how layed back you are.

    I absolutely loved my job in Oswego, however, I hated the area and it wasn’t where I saw myself which is why I left. If I could move that job down near Tim it would be a dream!

  3. Loving that outfit in the first picture! Gorgeous, dah-ling.

    That’s great that you’re working with your family business! And it’s so crazy to me that a regular run for you is 5-7 miles. I don’t think I could make it a mile.

  4. I think you should follow your heart! Making career choices can be SO scary but when you do what you love, it’s an amazing feeling! πŸ™‚

  5. That is great that you are helping out with your family’s business. It sounds like an excellent opportunity! My running milage is lower than I want right now because I am training for a half in october, but I’m just going with the flow and hoping for the best πŸ™‚

  6. I haven’t had many big girl jobs to really quit, but I did leave my writing center job in college to work in the communications services office at campus, which was good because it was a better fit for me (my initial plan was marketing).

    I’m glad you’re working in the family real estate business. You can always go back to teaching spin at another time, just get recertified and return and make some extra money- most of our group instructors at my gym have other jobs and just do it on the side out of love and some extra cash. But, I think working marketing the houses and stuff will serve you better with whatever your future job is after college.

    All the cookies you bake look so tasty!

  7. I had NO IDEA you were a spin instructor!! That is awesome you were able to do that, and that you are positive about moving onto something new!! The new job sounds much more rewarding!

  8. I didn’t know you were a spin instructor?!?! But I’m glad you took it upon yourself to say goodbye since you weren’t happy doing it. I think it’s the hardest thing to make good decisions for yourself when you have to quit something because I always feel like a “quitter” then; however, you took a big leap to make YOURSELF happy which is the highlight of it all! πŸ˜€

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